Finances from solitaire sing romances


    More than a month later, I released two solitaire games for iOS. I give a financial report on advertising revenue from the mentioned opuses.
    For a change, the text of the article is diluted with jokes, football, politics, alcohol and sex.

    Suarez Bite

    The summer months are a time of financial calm for the mobile games market. Most of the world's population watches football and bathes in the rivers.
    However, this is a great time for analytics - any financial forecast based on summer figures implements the most pessimistic scenario. It will not be worse.
    Yes, the future is beautiful. Let me remind you that two services provide a great future for developers of free games for iOS

    I have already given a formula for calculating the success of an application for iOS in 2014.
    10,000 downloaded copies of the game should bring at least $ 5 per calendar day

    Based on this formula, the author must decide whether to spend money on promoting the game in the TOP 25 or enjoy his beloved wife and Italian cuisine.

    Solitaire Rio 2048

    I offer a financial report on the first game. I remind you that this is clone 2048 on a triangular board. The presence of 3 directions instead of two significantly changes the nature and topology of the original game.
    Not a single ruble was spent on promoting the game. But!
    Thanks to the publication on Habré and a good name, the Rio 2048 game has gained the necessary number of downloads to date - 11005


    What is the calendar income from the game?
    Look at the chart, the most respected public.


    If the application brought the coveted $ 5 on start days , now it’s stable 25 rubles a day.
    Alas, for an unknown reason, 25 rubles is much cheaper than five dollars.

    In total, the application earned in almost two months the following amount.

    At the same time, the application has excellent reviews and is not ashamed of it. I myself do not play Rio 2048. For a week of training, I understood, so to speak, the general principles of success and visited the TOP 5 best players.


    Promoting the application does not make sense . Success will not be with a probability of 90 percent.

    Bricks Towers Solitaire

    Thanks to the publication on Habré (2000 downloads), paid review on (1000 downloads) and the author’s vile tricks (2000 downloads), the Bricks Towers game has not gained the required number of downloads to date - 5906.


    Nevertheless, some conclusions can already be made. do. 6,000 players are an almost reliable sample. Nearly.
    In total, the application earned the following amount for a month and a half.


    That is, the paid publication on paid off - 5,000 rubles were spent on the review. But honestly, this is not a profitable business, guys.

    Okay, now the most important thing is the daily income.
    On the graph, the income from the game for the calendar month on the adMob site .


    “Yeah!” The attentive reader exclaims, “no $ 5, no!”

    Sorry, I forgot about Chartboost .
    He also contributes to daily income.


    Why three schedules? This is an infamous trick of the author - I released three clones of the game, to artificially increase the number of downloads.
    A total of three clones bring more than $ 3 a day from full-screen advertising Chartboost .

    Thus, a game with 6000 downloads brings $ 8 a day .
    I am not leaving this game. I can not comprehend the secrets of the proper collection of brick solitaire.
    Moreover, the scoundrel author throws up 4 new hands every day and the audience from around the world tries to collect them better than others.

    Special skill stands out someone IrBisoff .
    It became almost impossible to defeat him, I even began to suspect that the bot he created was playing. It turned out to be a living person.
    It turned out by chance.
    In the table of records, he constantly changed his location - either Hungary or Ukraine. I decided that IrBisoff lives in the Lviv region and darts back and forth across the border, working as a programmer.

    However, no. A letter came from him asking
    - What the hell, man? I live in the center of Kiev, and your geoip service ranks me among Hungary.

    I'm sorry, I didn’t give Ukraine to Hungary.
    Here is the culprit

    $ipAddress = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; 
    $xml = file_get_contents('' . $ipAddress . '?k=E2g-ХРЕН ВАМ ПАРОЛЬ-3');
    $ipCode = $xml;

    This is the php file code on the server, where I collect the best results of the best players. The $ ipCode variable returns the two-letter value of the country where the result of the game came from. For example, for Russia it is RU , for Ukraine - UA . Accordingly, on the server I started a set of 200+ pictures with country flags - RU.PNG, UA.PNG, US.PNG and more. I display the flags of the countries in the table of the best players on the corresponding lines.


    With a 95 percent chance, Bricks Towers will succeed.

    Theoretically, I found an uncle with $ 50,000 to buy traffic and get into the US TOP 25 . Perhaps by October-November (the most favorable time for the take-off of games), we will scam this scam with him. In that case, wish him luck, guys.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where the fuck is the Android version?

    Android version on the way. Summer, wine, football - damn them. The deadlines have moved.

    It turns out that games do not provide a high standard of living for a programmer?

    For example, a graph of the monthly income from all games on the Google advertising platform.

    In addition, iAd is twice as effective as adMob. Yes, we remember you, Steve!
    Chartboost - brings in 60 percent in comparison with adMob.

    In short, the pension is not bad.

    Where are the links to the games

    Thank you all for a good rest!

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