The new AppStore section, the dependence of the number of installations on the weight of the application and the report on the growth of Google Play over the past year are the main mobile news of the week

    New App Store section - “Best New Game Updates”

    Many mobile app developers complain about poor “visibility” in the App Store. If the game failed to light up in the first few months after the release, then the chances of getting to the main page of the store are becoming less and less every day. Even an amazing program can drown among tons of junk or low-quality applications.

    The second point is that not all companies manage to produce a quality product the first time. If the application came out with critical errors, then again it will be extremely difficult for him to regain the audience.

    The following situation: now the most important resource is time, so many people release application functionality in parts, updates. Therefore, when the application becomes really interesting, it has already been in the store for six months and only a few thousand people have installed it, and the rest have not learned about it. Some developers simply hammer on it, others lay out their creation anew. For example, large companies like King and Supercell agree in advance with Apple to share already popular products after the update. But not everyone uses this opportunity; not everyone can succeed.

    Apple seems to have listened to the developers and created the “Best New Game Updates” section. According to our observations, games that have already proven themselves well fall there. Perhaps Apple made a tool to support only those who have already achieved success in grossing. We will observe.

    How the number of installations depends on the weight of the application

    Fiksu calculated conversion statistics for installs depending on the size of the applications. To begin with, it is important to emphasize that statistics take into account only gaming applications and only motivated advertising - Fiksu themselves posted this information in a footnote at the end of the report. Without an understanding of this fact, a false picture may develop. So, this is data on the effectiveness of conversions to installs when using motivated advertising.

    In general, statistics do not show anything new - the more the application weighs, the fewer conversions to installs. The greatest efficiency for applications weighing 0-20mb is 87.94%. But for applications larger than 100MB, the conversion is not much different - 76.31%. It is significant that when using motivated advertising, the size of the application is not such an important factor. Most likely, the more actively technologies develop, the less this difference will be felt - if the user can quickly and painlessly install both small-sized applications and 100+ mb applications, the difference in the number of installations will smooth out.

    Disney continues its assault on the parties

    Particularly shockingly, the direction of match-3 has been developing recently. After a successful game based on a frozen cartoon, the inevitable happened - her Ruskin came out under the evil Angelina Croft, and followed by another novelty, in which Disney characters from various cartoons met each other.
    Greet Line: Disney Tsum Tsum! The game will be submitted to the famous ICQ Line messenger , successfully (Line says about 14 million downloads and Top 1 Free) starting in Japan. However, the country of launch can be guessed by name. In one of the barbaric languages, it would sound like a Disney Stack Stack, so that the lunar-speaking gaijin could immediately understand what the whole point is. Now this application has been released in the world rental.

    Players can enjoy a blitz match-3 mechanics (60 seconds to collect the maximum number of points) with a development system and level-ups, as well as the possibility of linking to a Line account, which will give access to life-giving social elements like leaderbrods and the ability to send virtual gifts.

    So that the user can fully enjoy the start of the game, Disney announced the release of the Tsum Tsum soft toys line. By the way, these plush match-3 babies have a special area on their tummies that can be used to clean the screens of your devices. Available in three sizes! Well, isn't it cute?


    After the release, nobody needed it (just a couple of million dollars of investments!), But nevertheless gathered an excellent news harvest, hype, hatred, imitators and opponents of the Yo program, mankind seemed to be at a standstill. Where to grow?

    But here the singularity is overcome! Finally a hit , something close to art, cinema, and in general ... Why explain something when there is an application that sends friends the most necessary and correct contextual message? Perfectly suited to the moment, subtly depending on the mood, life situation and your desire to encourage, it will cause a lively emotional response in anyone.
    In a word - yes, now you can massively send contacts to “Khodor”.


    98% of Google Play revenue comes from F2P

    AppAnnie has published a special report on how Google Play has grown over the past year. We, as usual, talk about the most interesting facts on which you can draw many interesting conclusions.

    Games generate 90% of Google Play’s revenue.

    Similar indicators in the AppStore. Games currently earn the largest amount of money on the mobile market.

    F2P's revenue share is 98% of all app store revenue.

    The complete dominance of this monetization model in the market. And you should not wait for a vector change in the near future. Therefore, before making a paid casual, you need to think through everything well and calculate it - it can go sideways.

    Over the past year, the number of applications on Google Play has grown by 60% and now stands at 1.5 million.

    More and more developers are entering this platform. If earlier even large companies were in no hurry to launch their titles there (for example, Supercell), now it is simply necessary if you want to earn money.

    Google Play’s total revenue grew 2.4 times and continues to grow rapidly

    All of the most active countries on Google Play have grown in installs over the past year.

    Positive growth was shown by Brazil and Russia, which now occupy the second and third line in the list of countries with the largest number of downloads! Still, for the money it was)

    Japan continues to lead Google Play in revenue.

    USA comes in second place. Android is beginning to occupy a growing share of the US market.

    Here are the top countries in terms of downloads and revenue:

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