Discov3ry: extruder nozzle for a regular 3D printer for working with ... chocolate cream, silicone, polyurethane, clay

    Now a 3D printer, even a very original one, can hardly surprise anyone. Such devices are gradually becoming part of our everyday life, and on Habré, as far as one can judge, there are a lot of people who have a 3D printer (either at home or at work).

    So, in addition to conventional devices of this type, there are non-standard ones designed for “printing” objects not only from molten plastic, but also from other materials (chocolate, food cream, silicone, wood fibers, etc.). True, there is a lot of writing about such printers, but there are practically none on sale.

    Now the situation can radically change. A campaign has recently been launched on Kickstarter to raise funds for a specific nozzle for 3D printers with a stepper motorwhich can work with pasty substances of almost any type.

    Examples of finished objects from different materials

    What can an extruder work with?

    The nozzle can work with a variety of materials, including food cream, silicone, wood fiber, clay, ceramics, nutella, conductive dye, polyurethane.

    3D Printing with polyurethane.  It's rubbery.
    Polyurethane Printing

    Printing the Maker Faire logo with Nutella
    Goodbye, Diet, Hello, Nutella

    There are different cartridges for different materials, with holes of different diameters on the extruder. The same Nutella is squeezed out through openings of a smaller diameter, and silicone or polyurethane - through openings of a larger diameter.

    Discov3ry Extruder Prototype

    Compatibility, connection and equipment

    According to manufacturers, the extruder nozzle is compatible with 3D printers of any model, provided that it is an FDM printer with a stepper motor.

    To connect the extruder, you just need to connect the printer to the cartridge, plus combine the electronic components of the new system and the printer.

    A wide variety of tip designs and diameters available to suit your paste printing needs
    Various extruder nozzles

    The delivery kit includes 3 starter cartridges and accessories for them.

    Delivery and price

    The Discov3ry extruder at the very beginning of the campaign was available for $ 249/289. Positions are now available starting at C $ 299 (US $ 275).

    It was originally planned to raise 30 thousand Canadian dollars (27,500 US dollars), but 3 times more have already been raised: 96585 Canadian dollars, at the time of writing this note. And until the end of the campaign - another 16 days.

    Development Plan submitted by the authors of the project:

    Via kickstarter

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