4 myths about landing page

    Much has been said about the effectiveness of such an internet marketing tool as a landing page, (or landing / landing page). At the same time, many customers still believe in myths about magic landing pages.

    These myths, if not dispelled in a timely manner, can negate all the benefits of landing pages and cause deep disappointment among customers. The contractor from such cooperation may also remain in financial and psychological disadvantage.

    In our work, we constantly encounter such myths. Best of all, at the very beginning of cooperation, these myths should be worked out so that clients have a more realistic attitude to developing landing pages.

    When working out the objections, it will be appropriate to talk about several successful decisions that you have already applied, to show living examples of effective landings. Using these examples, briefly walk through the main elements of the landing page and explain how the work on the project will be conducted. If you can’t convince, it’s better not to work with such clients.

    Myth No. 1 “Landing is a magical means to increase sales”


    The landing page is not a magic pill that can miraculously solve all sales problems. First of all, the consumer value of a product or service is important. Landing is just a beautiful showcase for presenting a service or product to consumers.

    You also need to understand that without the stages of testing, analysis and subsequent improvements, it is difficult to make an effective landing page. In addition, the landing page is just one of the tools of online marketing. Yes, with the right development and subsequent advertising, this tool can show high conversion rates, but betting on it is not worth it.

    For example, it’s almost impossible to launch a landing page without properly developing contextual or banner advertising. To promote certain services and products, the internal pages of the site or social networks, etc. are more suitable. Using several tools in a complex will allow you to get an additional effect from the promotion.

    Myth # 2: “You can quickly and cheaply make effective landing on landing page generator services”


    Landing page generators, in my opinion, are a good tool, which has its advantages. But this tool must still be able to use. You need to understand Internet marketing, know the basics of copywriting, be “on you” with contextual advertising.

    Generators can serve as one of the tools for internet marketers to simplify and speed up the process of developing and testing a large number of landing pages.

    Many people want quick results with minimal cost. What is the result? Right, low conversion rates and disappointment.

    Myth No. 3 “It is enough to make a landing once and then constantly enjoy high sales”


    Perhaps the most common misconception. Some customers want to save money and make only one page, and at the same time expect applications and calls to be immediately showered as if from a cornucopia. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

    An effective version of the landing page is more often obtained as a result of several tests of both pages and various elements (title, call to action, request form, etc.). In practice, with the launch of a new landing, the work is just beginning. Statistics of visits, requests, filling out feedback forms, etc. are accumulated and analyzed.

    Therefore, it is important that the customer knows about the potential costs of analyzing, updating and testing landing pages.

    Myth No. 4 “It’s enough to go through one training to make cool landing pages yourself”


    Aggressive advertising of such trainings, unfortunately, did the trick. Many entrepreneurs, especially those from small businesses, took these courses and began to consider themselves experts in the development of the landing page.

    As a result, the Internet was massively filled with template landings that are made independently or ordered from freelancers. These landings are stamped like a carbon paper. Often, these landing pages turn out to be ill-conceived and carelessly executed in terms of marketing, design and layout. This is very annoying for users and reduces trust in landing pages.
    How then can you be surprised at low conversion rates?



    • The landing page is an effective internet marketing tool, but only in skilled and experienced hands.

    • The novelty effect of the landing page has already passed. There will be no quick and cheap solutions.

    • An effective landing page, as a rule, results from the work of a team of several good specialists (project manager, copywriter, designer, designer, layout designer, analytics)

    • The landing page should be part of the Internet marketing program

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