We increase the new customs limit by 6, (6) times


    There are still people in the villages who receive mailing from the mail-forwarding dinosaur - Shipito. Recently, their CEO - John Vanhara - spread his hands in front of the impending sentence to all "forwarders and deliveries," as already written on the hub .

    Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, John was unable to adapt to the rapidly changing Internet delivery market, as a result of Shipito now only extremely inertial people use it, the rest managed to switch to forwarders with Russian roots.
    Well, our compatriots did not disappoint! As many may already know, Shopfans has announced a new delivery method for Altyn-Express with the already familiar limit of € 1000 via Kazakhstan.

    I managed to take a short comment from the founder of the service, and here’s what he said.

    Yes, the order to reduce the limit has not yet entered into force, moreover, they expect to feel its effect at customs only by August, so send “according to the old scheme” so far can. But we must act proactively, so today we can begin to get used to formulating parcels through friendly Kazakhstan, in which the same limit of 1000 euros remains.

    As a result, the delivery scheme will look like this:
    1. Parcel from New York Airport flies to Almaty in transit through Istanbul
    2. In Almaty, a local customs broker who signed a special. agreement with Shopfans, clears the package. Here, as before, you only need a passport and an invoice for the parcel
    3. After that, the parcel flies with a Transaero flight to Moscow, where it immediately arrives at the delivery service, there will be no customs in Moscow!
    4. You get your iPhone 6 or moto360 and, as they say, PROFIT

    What about the timing?
    By agreement between the parties, the term for processing parcels in Kazakhstan is no more than 1 business day.
    Flights on the route Almaty - Moscow are operated daily.
    The plane from JFK to Almaty is the only place of possible delay.

    What about the cost?
    The exact tariffs have not yet been announced, but they assure that the increase relative to Shopfans-Express through Moscow will be only 10-15%, which, you see, can be experienced.

    Since delivery through Kazakhstan, naturally, now Shopfans begins to work in Kazakhstan.
    A kick under the ass of AKIT - you can also consolidate different recipients and send goods in the same parcel for an amount equal to 1000 euro * number of passports in your order.

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