Beta version of online document editor launched in Mail.Ru Cloud

    We are glad to present you a beta version of our own online document editor. This is a service that is currently integrated into the Mail.Ru Cloud project and allows you to create new documents and edit existing ones. The beta version of the editor works with the most popular office formats .doc and .docx to date.

    Work with files is carried out in an interface similar to the usual for many MSWord. The basic functionality of the first version was formed on the basis of a preliminary study of the use of various features of editors. The editor supports such popular functions as font size, style and color selection, list creation and alignment, among others.

    Documents originally created in the editor are saved in a format compatible with Microsoft Office, Open Office, and others. That is, by creating a document in the Mail.Ru Cloud, the user can safely forward it to colleagues or business partners, without worrying that they will not be able to open it.

    In the near future - to implement in an online editor support for other office formats, such as tables and presentations, as well as expand the number of supported functions for .doc and .docx. Further releases will be formed taking into account the wishes of beta users, on whose opinion the service development vector directly depends. For feedback, developers of the service are asked to use the appropriate form inside the online editor.

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