Synology Announces Free Five-Year Warranty on XS / XS + Series NAS

    Taipei (Taiwan) —June 17, 2014— Synology Inc. Announces Extension Of Warranty To Five Years For XS / XS + Series NAS Servers and Expansion Modules. These devices include: RS10613xs +, RS3614xs +, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs, RX1213sas, RX1214, and RX1214RP . With the expansion of technical support and equipment replacement services, a five-year guarantee increases the return on invested capital for the business.
    “Due to the fact that in our time data storage is the basis of all successful business operations, we want to show customers that Synology is responsible for the servers they buy,” said Rosiel Lee, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, “Five-year the guarantee demonstrates the commitment and unconditional trust in our products, which is possible thanks to our industry-leading quality and reliability. ”
    The new warranty policy begins to operate on June 17, 2014 throughout the world. Warranty for devices purchased earlier than this date will be automatically extended until five years. For more information, see: .

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