Web Performance Optimization Mini-Course

    A mini-course on web performance from a Google employee Ilya Grigorik has been launched on the Udacity learning resource .

    In the western part of the Internet for about 2 years there has been an active discussion about optimization, the so-called “The Critical Rendering Path”. In short, this is the moment when the site user sees the content that he needs. All that happens up to this point is data loading, building the DOM, loading CSS and JS, etc. - All this can and should be optimized.

    The course talks about a lot of things:
    • How does the page load in the browser (more details here )
    • How to use Chrome Developer Tools (more info here )
    • How to debug a web page on your phone (more info here )
    • And much more

    This is not the first web performance course from Ilya. For example, you can recall such a playlist from the Fluent 2013 conference.

    He also wrote about optimizations in his book “High-Performance Browser Networking”, the online version of which can be read for free.

    Link to the course.

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