New version of DevExpress 14.1 products released!

    Hello, Habr!

    In early June this year, we announced the release of a new version of our products for .NET and the DevExtreme framework for mobile and client HTML5 applications .

    Visitors to our booth at DevCon'e 2014 have already been revealed some of the features of the new version. For those who want to save their time, we have prepared a short video about what's new and interesting in DevExpress Universal 14.1:

    A complete list of updates and enhancements to .NET and DevExtreme products is available on the DevExpress website .

    Under the cut - an overview of some large-scale innovations, including the expected release of our VCL products at the end of the month .


    TileNav Pane and TileBar - components for creating a navigation interface in the style of MS Office 2013 (including oriented for touch devices):

    New BreadCrumb Editor (bread crumbs editor) that allows you to make convenient navigation in your application:

    Radically improved component Spreadsheet, with password support, improved charting and many other "tricks":


    Similar WinForms, TileNav Pane and TileBar components in the style of MS Office 2013:

    New BarCode component that allows you to insert one-and two-dimensional barcodes into your application:

    Significant performance improvements and expanded support for conditional formatting in the WPF Grid component:

    ASP.NET WebForms + MVC

    ASP.NET Spreadsheet - with support for basic features for working with Excel files and advanced appearance settings:

    End-User Report Designer (still in CTP version) - an online tool for end users to customize reports before printing:


    A unique product now includes a special Wizard for convenient and quick start of new users:


    The powerful enterprise product now provides a “server mode” for processing data requests to improve application performance.

    Also, the capabilities of visualization and working with analytical data on maps ( Pie, Bubble diagrams, data clustering ), which are widely used in infographics, and a client API for accessing grouped and source data were added :

    HTML5 & JavaScript

    The long-awaited line of client HTML5 / JavaScript widgets, including the grid:


    The new provider code is “Import Namespace”, which allows you to add using the desired namespace to the beginning of the file. Unlike the standard Visual Studio provider, the CodeRush provider allows you to add using for a type whose assembly is not added to the project references. In this case it will be added automatically.

    Also, the “Optimize namespace reference” command has also become available in XAML files:


    In addition, the other day we announced the release of a beta version of VCL products. You can also find out about its new features in a special section on the DevExpress website .

    I would especially like to note the new Spreadsheet control. It was rewritten from scratch in order to simplify the architecture and control mechanism for formatting cells, and now supports a modern format for storing Excel spreadsheet data, embedded images, fixed areas, and much more:

    And control for displaying geographic maps:

    In the comments on this article, we will be glad answer all your questions about the new version of our products.

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