Where and how are IBM Watson features used? Part 2

    In the first part of the review of ways to use the capabilities of the IBM Watson supercomputer, it was shown that Watson works in oncology, helping to develop a personalized treatment course for a specific person.

    In addition, IBM Watson also works in the field of health insurance, in the banking sector, a supercomputer helps researchers find the relationships between various aspects of their work, and also begins to help officials.

    Health insurance

    WellPoint, Inc. is currently using the capabilities of the supercomputer. This is an American company (135th on the Fortune Global 500) that provides health insurance services.

    The company collaborates with approximately 600 thousand specialists working with medical data of clients. About 80-90% of such data is unstructured information. People are not always able to correctly process such data arrays, identify dependencies and offer the best solution.

    With the help of IBM Watson, a supercomputer whose capabilities are optimized for working with Big Data, all this data is processed quickly, identifying the necessary connections and further structuring of the information.

    As a result of WellPoint, Inc. improves the quality and effectiveness of their own medical solutions.

    Financial Markets (USA and Mexico)

    The modern financial sector is a very difficult subject to study. Every day, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) alone publishes about 6,000 articles and financial news. Keeping track of this flow of information for one person or even the middle hand of a company is almost impossible.

    But in order to understand where the financial market is moving, you need to process all this data.

    DBS Bank has decided to test the capabilities of IBM Watson to optimize its work. Measures taken by regulators, social and government changes, fluctuations in financial markets - now all this is taken into account in the work of the bank.

    In addition, Watson Engagement Advisor, a consultant from IBM Watson, is used to optimize the work of bank managers and clients. A personalized approach in the banking sector is no less in demand than in the medical field.

    Banorte creates personalized banking services with Big Data.

    When Banorte had fewer branches, each client knew by sight, and the bank became one of the largest in Mexico. But as it grew, there was less and less opportunity to understand the needs of each particular client.

    IBM solutions ( IBM solutions ) to work with big data and analytics help employees Banorte get an idea of the behavior of specific clients. Now the bank is reorganizing its systems, and its employees can get access to information about which offers are most interesting for a particular client. This creates a personalized approach to the provision of services.

    As a result, the efficiency of the company increased by 50%. In addition, a + 20% return on equity is expected thanks to a new customer-centric banking model.

    Research companies / corporations

    According to The Economist, in 2012 alone, companies spent $ 603 billion on various research. The IBM Watson Discovery Advisor is now helping some companies analyze the results of such studies, collect and process data, and synthesize new solutions based on old solutions and new research results.

    Here's an interesting infographic with an example of the IBM Watson Discovery Advisor.

    State and society

    Now the first attempts are being made to work with IBM Watson in the field of interaction between the state and citizens. It's too early to talk about the results, but the potential for using Watson's capabilities in this sector is quite large.

    For example, for citizens, IBM Watson can give advice on using your own finances (where to invest, where to save, and everything else).

    For officials, IBM Watson can provide work tips to help you make the best decisions. What is the best way to use road repair products? Which company to hire to carry out repairs? Which district of the city needs more funds for landscaping? All this can be calculated and analyzed.

    And for public safety, IBM Watson can also be useful, helping to highlight the main areas of work for analysts and researchers working in this field.

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