The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP No. 42 (June 1 - 16, 2014)

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    News and Releases


    • RFC: Uniform Variable Syntax - A proposal from Nikita Popov, which involves the introduction of a single syntax for variables and calls in PHP. So, constructions inaccessible at the moment will become possible:, $foo()['bar'](); $foo::$bar::$baz; foo()(); $foo->bar()()as well as operations with any expressions in brackets, for example (function() { ... })(), others.
    • RFC: Bare Name Array Literal - It is proposed to make quotation marks optional in declaring keys and array values, similar to declaring objects in JavaScript.
    • RFC: Bare Name Array Dereference - Continuing to the previous one, in this sentence, the author wants to reduce the syntax of accessing elements of a nested array, and instead $myArray['foobar']['andSoOn']['moreKeys']use something similar $myArray:>foobar:>andSoOn:>moreKeys.


    • Buzz - A lightweight HTTP client.
    • Snoop - The library allows you to find information about the user (social profiles, images, etc.) by his email. Used by the Rapportive API .
    • Stapler - A library for uploading files in PHP and bundled with ORM. The author was inspired by the Paperclip Ruby tool .
    • JSON Lint - A useful library from the creator of Composer.
    • PHPloy - A tool for updating servers via FTP.
    • Swap - The library allows you to receive exchange rates from various providers.
    • LanguageDetector - Allows you to set the language by line.
    • Certificationy - A console application for preparing for Symfony certification.

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