It turned out that the Xbox One turns on when it hears its ads on TV

    Monday, it’s almost like Friday, so it’s also worthy of fun news. So, the Xbox One game console can recognize voice commands (and so well that in some games, players can be fined for mate, but that's a different story). So, if you say “Xbox On” next to the console, it will turn on. Very, I must say, convenient.

    Now imagine the development of the situation: you are watching TV. During a commercial break, Aaron Paul (the actor who played Breaking Bad) appears on the screen. And while advertising the console, Aaron showshow she turns on on command. Guess what will happen to your home console, which at this time sleeps in your ear? That's right, she immediately turns on. And he will periodically try to do it when the corresponding advertisement will sound on TV.

    By the way, here is the same commercial. And remove the children and the console from the screens.

    In the comments to the news, people write that there is a potential opportunity for advertisers. You turn on the console remotely from the user and ask her to open the advertising page (URL can be specially made as short as possible). Fortunately, as they say, such a reaction does not happen every time. But it does happen.

    And now we interpolate the situation: Android smartphones respond to the phrase “Ok Google” and, in iOS8, Siri has announced a voice launch. We imagine further: let’s say that some malicious user knows a malicious code that can disable your mobile. How can he introduce it? On the speakerphone of a supermarket, say “Ok Google.” Or say hello on the radio. Well, then give the command.

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