The pirate party won one seat in the European Parliament

    From May 22 to May 25, elections to the European Parliament were held in all EU states. The Pirate Party, which has regional offices in 12 European countries, took an active part in them.

    In the last election five years ago, the Pirate Party surprised many, managing to get two seats in parliament. This year, the "pirates" were going to build on their success. Unfortunately, quite a bit was not enough for them to repeat the past result.

    The German pirate party won 1.4% of the vote and held one candidate for the European Parliament (96 places were allocated for Germany).

    The Czech pirate party was very close: with a result of 4.78%she almost completely overcame the five percent barrier (21 places in the country). Very disappointing. If you live in the Czech Republic and ignored the election - it should be a shame. There were not enough 3337 votes.

    In Sweden, the birthplace of the political movement, the Pirate Party gained a modest 2.2% and also ended up overboard (7.1% in the last election).

    In Finland, the result is even worse: 0.7% , although Peter Sande himself, co-founder of The Pirate Bay, ran here.

    Luxembourg showed itself quite well with 4.23% , but only 6 seats were allocated to this country, so it was difficult to count on getting into parliament.

    Well, it remains to rejoice at this, although hopes were at least two or three places. At least there is a “pirate” in parliament, so the history of the political movement continues.

    The only candidate from the Pirate Party in the European Parliament is the German MP Julia Reda , born in 1986, chairman of the Young Pirates of Europe movement .

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