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I present to you a small selection of news from the world of gamedev, which were discovered on the Internet in late April and early May.

Mobile direction

9 things that should be paid attention to those who publish a mobile application.
The site App2Top talked about the best applications of April according to Apple.
5 trends and tricks associated with the "hard currency" in mobile free-to-play games - an article on the marketing of mobile games from Wolfgang Graebner.
iOS SDK and updated for iOS7 and Xcode5 Scratch . On the same resource, you can read a series of articles on development for iOs .
Dan Stiver, a 15-year-old developer, introduced an article“Testing on Android: what are the options?” .
Logan Merrick, strategic director of Buzinga, spoke about the four rules for developing a fun mobile game .
Robert Workman tried to figure out why mobile game sequels are less popular than their predecessors .
Game designer and marketer Steve Peterson (who worked at EA, Capcom, etc.) tried to uncover the myths surrounding mobile game brands .
The new service for mobile GameLoop is a gamer -oriented social platform designed for gaming recommendations .
App Annie, a mobile analytics company,has announced two new products, including free optimization and advertising statistics for developers .
The portal insidesocialgames.com has published an analytical article “What does it mean to be a mobile gamer?” in the form of questions and answers.

The social direction

Facebook published the TOP-25 applications in May .
But on Google+, things are not so good: there were rumors that the social network will change the format .


A popular English-language resource Gamedev.net published an article Creating Music for Video Games: Choosing a Key and a Rhythm . The material will be useful not only for game composers, but also for “music customers”.
On Gamedevelopment tutplusan article about sound also appeared, only this time it was about 3D audio: “Understanding and implementing 3D audio in Gamemaker: Studio” .


Article by Joey Fladerac “Let There Be Shadows!” will tell you how to create shadows in Unity without resorting to using a surface shader.
Zenva Gamedev Academy continues to teach HTML5 games how to create a landscape with an artificial island using BabylonJS .
Martin Prantl has published the first part of a series of articles that will tell you how to create a simple GUI for small games .
Eurogamer.net published an extensive and interesting material on the creation of an authentic and interesting hand-to-hand combat system in games.
Sundog has released version 2.83 of the Triton Ocean SDK water effects library . The new version produced tremendous optimization of an already fast system.


NextGames lead game programmer has written extensive material on prototyping and code quality .
Douglas McLeod published an extensive article about character animation in DirectX


The blog Gamingpoint there was an interesting article about how psychology can help to create a certain atmosphere in the game .
Gamedev.net author Dave Mitchell shares tips on how to prepare the game for the showBased on experience with EGX Rezzed 2014 .
Ninga Metrics has announced a new client for the Katana Social Analytics Engine , thanks to which developers can identify the most influential and valuable users.
Sergey Klimov in his blog shared his thoughts on business relationships in the gaming industry , as well as why it is worth putting your soul into work .
Tony Coles posted a funny article on eurogamer.net . Retrospective: Solitaire Solitaire. The first “bagel?" .
You can already read the May issue of The indie game magazine .
Also available for online reading and downloading is the 29th issueFPS Magazine .
Kirk Hamilton reviewed the new PS Vita and compared it to a previous-generation device. And Luke Plunket admitted that he would give $ 500 for a great Nintendo with an aluminum body .
Mark Serrels in his article tried to find out why we continue to play complex games .

What to watch

“Indie approach to procedural animation” , David Rosen’s speech from Wolfire Games at the GDC 2014.
“How to increase revenue and product value” - a report by Nexage Imran Khan at Winter Nights 2014.
HobbyGamedev blog author Chris DeLeon told about payment models and tastes in game design .
On the Unknown Worlds Youtube channel, you can watch a series of micro-reports on game development.

What to listen to

Sergey Galenkin 's Podcast "Changes in the mobile market, f2p and HR ethics in the gaming industry . "
In the GiantBomb podcast, you can hear about Super Time Force, Sunset Overdrive, how to release the game, Eurovision and much more.
The fourth issue of the IGN Russia podcast tells about the plot in the games, the set-top box Fire TV from Amazon, touches on the topic of Free-to-play vs. AAA and the future of Star Wars.
In the "Podcast About Games"from former participants in the Hell's Kitchen project they discuss: the end of the story with King, a list of all the games ever created by mankind, the future of multi-platform games and disgustingly overlook The Elder Scrolls Online.

Important news that you might have missed

Ukrainian developers can now independently sell Android games on Google Play .
The Higher School of Economics has launched a retraining program "Management of Internet gaming projects . " According to information published on the site , "the program is recommended for beginner game designers, studio managers, those who are just planning to open their own company and work in the gaming industry."
Garagegamesofficially released the updated Torque 2D game engine version 3.0 .
The skeleton fell out of the closet: last week they dug up a batch of old ATARI cartridges with failed games. The full story in English is on eurogamer.net .
Nintendo patented a portable console with interchangeable buttons .
David Cole, owner of DFC Intelligence, told PCR in an interview that PC platform games are more profitable than console games. At nvworld.ru you can read an abridged interview of David in Russian .
Microsoft consoles will try their luck in the Chinese market. Many doubt that the new gaming platform will be popular among the Chinese, for many years accustomed to mobile and PC games. The failure of the Xbox One is prophesied by Ameriken McGee , who has been working in China for many years.
Valve recently seized Steam: Earth: 2066 for disgusting quality and unfair marketing.
The Lionsgate film studio opens a gaming division , and co-founder of Zynga - a mobile development studio . At the same time, Game Insight closed its office in San Francisco , where only 8 employees worked, Infinity Ward takes over Neversoft .
The conflict between Oculus and ZeniMax received wide publicity last week..
Indie developers have launched a new forum for developers where you can get feedback on their work. At the same time, knowing the nature of the industry, the forum is strictly moderated for insults .
Epic Games has unveiled the general release of Unreal Engine, a cutting-edge 3D game engine, version 4.1.
Nintendo President Satoru Nivata has prepared a system of actions aimed at improving the company's prospects .

Some kind of professional humor

“Permaband” is a musical group whose members are also developers of EVE Online. Their first clip “Killing is just a means” is recommended for viewing.
Nintendo launched an interesting hashtag #pokemonbooktitles on Twitter , inviting readers to dream up on the topic “What would happen if famous books were written about Pokemon”.
The developers of Goat Simulator told the dark story of the protagonist of the game .

Several weeks on

Epic Habré invite players and developers to create the Unreal tournament.
A virtual museum dedicated to Mario Bros. has opened
Article on monetization of gaming applications: part 1 , part 2 .
And here is an article about monetizing mobile games.
Great Caesar III back-engineering post.
A few articles about Valve: here about e-sports ,here about Steam workshop .

Events in May: NAD Elite 2014

will be held in Montreal from May 12 to 17 , where eminent developers will hold master classes and talk about achievements in the industry. InterGame 2014 (May 14-15, Tallinn) is a conference on mobile and social games. Game monetisation Europe was held in London from May 14 to 15 . May 14-16 - GRAND conference on graphics, animation and new media. May 15-16, Devgamm-2014 takes place . From May 20 to 22, Casual Connect 2014 will be held in Singapore . May 21-23, 2014 in the city of Malmö (Sweden) will host the event Nordic Games Conference

for developers from the northern part of Europe.
May 19 - the fifth international forum of application developers Apps4all .
On May 23, Moscow will host the international mobile conference #MBLT .
On May 19-20, in London, the gaming gaming Europe conference will be held
May 23-24 in Korea - Serious games conference .
DevCon 2014 will be held in Moscow region on May 28-29 .
The Gotland Game Conference is scheduled for May 29-30. A conference will be held in Switzerland.

I would be very grateful if in the comments you write rubrics and directions that would be interesting to you, and also indicate useful resources on which you can search for valuable information.

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