Samsung quietly released a dream phone

    Clamshell phones are one of the best things that were in the zero years. Comfortable, ergonomic and incredibly photo and telegenic. Not in vain in Breaking bad almost all the heroes walked around with cots - it doesn’t matter that they shot it when they invented the iPhone. You can’t break the iPhone with a spectacular gesture in half. But in life, clamshells fell victim to the success of bricks with a touchscreen.

    And now, it seems, the Koreans inadvertently released a dream phone: a smartphone on Android, but not in their usual reminder design, but in the form of a spectacular angular clamshell. In the Chinese section of the official website of Samsung, they found a page with a unique phone: a clamshell on Android called Samsung G9098 . News of this appeared on Samsung's Sammy Hub blog.

    In appearance, this is a complete hello from the zero - it reminds of Pantech’s cult mobile phones that used to be for a short time, but only with Android on board and touch screens. There are two of them - both with a diagonal of 3.7 "and for some reason only 800 × 480 resolution. When folded, this is a normal modern smartphone. Under the case covered with artificial leather, there was already a place for two SIM cards - a good Chinese (and not only) tradition.

    The smartphone’s motor is a 2.3 GHz quad-core model processor, according to Sammy Hub, Snapdragon 800; also on board the device - 2 GB of RAM, two cameras - 13 and 2 megapixels, a microSD slot, GPS / GLONASS and a 1900 mAh battery to take off with all this garbage. By the way, it weighs 179 grams with dimensions 117x59.5x15.8 mm.

    The phone will be sold in China with a contract from China Mobile. It sounds like a crime against humanity - so, I hope, Koreans decide to expand the geography of smartphone sales. Geeks will appreciate it.

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