EMC VNX Storage Management Course Announced

    Registration is now open for the popular VNX Unified Storage Management ( VNX ) storage management course for EMC partners and customers. The course is scheduled for June 02 - 06, 2014.

    The training program is designed for storage administrators and offers a detailed study of unified storage systems on the EMC VNX platform. Moreover, its materials already include information on second-generation VNX systems, the supply of which has been started very recently. All aspects of their configuration and management tools are considered, including the process of effective deployment of VNX systems, initial settings for their security, ensuring high reliability, as well as the organization of data transmission networks (SAN / IP-SAN) for access at disk level and NFS / CIFS for access to file level for servers with different operating systems (Windows, Linux and VMware vSphere). It also explores the creation of local copies of data, quotas, file system export, data compression, and much more.

    This course is primarily recommended for those company employees who are tasked with obtaining the largest possible amount of practical skills in VNX in the shortest possible time.

    The course is taught in Russian, while some of the modules will be presented by an English-speaking instructor using an invited translator, and the main part of the material will be presented by the instructor of the CC MUK. A detailed course program is available here .

    We remind you that the only venue for authorized EMC courses in Ukraine is the training center of the MUK group of companies (located at Kiev, 42A Chokolovsky Boulevard ).

    You can pre-register for this course by sending an email to training@muk.com.ua. Please include the following contact information in the letter: full name of the participant, his e-mail and necessarily powerlink account.

    You can get information on prices for this and other EMC courses by contacting Nikolay Evdochenko (CC MUK) at nne@muk.ua

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