Why MineCraft should be used in education

I read the article that they introduced Minecraft lessons in Sweden and thought, but there is something to it! This game stands out from others in its learning ability.
I decided to write an article why Minecraft should be used as a learning platform for children, with an example of how it was useful to me, what it made me learn and try to argue why it is worth showing the child this game, and it is better to start playing with it on the same server. At the same time, I will describe the features of the game for those who know about Minecraft, "just everything is square there."
I'll start from the beginning and the classic Minecraft: the threshold of deterrence for beginners is high. To survive the first night of the game, in fact, you need to read the guide, and learn 5+ recipes. This is rarely seen in games. But this is easily compensated by the parent sitting nearby, who will tell and show everything, at the same time and get respect points in the form of "but dad knows what difficult things are." Further, the child will essentially learn to survive even in a virtually uninhabited world, will understand that things are made of something, and other things of those that are already made. Learning how to plan (you need to stock up on food in advance, unless of course you have relieved him of stress by setting a peaceful level of difficulty). The memory will train and the logical chain of the “tree of production of objects” will be built. On this, in principle, one could finish the beneficial effects of the game,

BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft2

As the name implies, industry adds to the game. These are various engines and mechanisms, electricity and its consumers. Personally, these mods made me recall the materiel of electricity. After a couple of devices exploded due to improper connection, I realized that the voltage parameter should be taken more seriously in the game. Just remember about resistance and such a thing as insulation of wires. First, the mod devices are assembled, and the first sources of electricity for them are received. Then there is a study of those things that can be made from the products of these devices and how electricity can be used. I’m sure many will not refuse to fly on a jet pack, it is he who makes you learn a large production chain. After the euphoria from the free flight and the fact that you yourself have collected IT (not too hard, but not too easy), already want a quantum (if the child will play online). And here the understanding already comes that it is necessary to make a nuclear reactor (!) Because a quantum needs Iridium, which can be obtained only from matter, and to obtain it requires a huge amount of energy. And it’s okay to assemble a nuclear reactor, it is also necessary to plan it correctly so that it does not detonate and gives the required amount of energy. Usually, the more energy, the less the reactor can operate without cooling, but this is a matter of the reactor layout and the number of resources invested in it.
So we got a quantum armor that makes us fast, almost invulnerable (you can swim in lava), not hungry and giving you the opportunity to breathe under water. Personally, I would, if I began to play such a thing in childhood, I would immediately be carried away by science, and not years later!


This mod adds mechanisms to simplify the extraction and processing of various organic components. Almost all appliances require the energy of engines from BuildCraft. It seems the same industrial, with a bunch of new devices built which you can simplify your life, and then what will he teach? You won’t believe it, but because of him I’m teaching something that a biology teacher at school and a teacher at the institute, specifically the basics of genetics, Mendel’s laws, could not force me to learn. The specified mod also adds beekeeping. Bee products are used in simple craft, and you can not go into the wilds of genetics, but if you engage in selection and proper crossbreeding, you can get bees with different characteristics. The most interesting is the experience that gives you to stand with a hive where Paradise bees work. After entering the ability to enchant books, it became possible to obtain delicious effects, but you need to spend a huge amount of experience on this. But to get paradise bees, you need 3 different branches to bring out and cross. On my server, one player brought them out and sells the opportunity to stand in the "rays of endless experience" "not cheaply."


All of the above, the child can easily learn, the main thing would be motivation. This is how human psychology works, that games have more motivation than “you have to teach so that you have a future”. Children will be hacked into computer games, the only question is how much use is the counter or football on the joystick? Let them develop creativity, logic, planning and memory. The world is changing and teaching methods must also. I think it's worth taking a step into the future and starting to show the child the right toy that will give him at least something.

Update: The article is not a call to plant children on computer games, rather, attention is drawn to the fact that part of the attention of the current generation has gone to computers and it is necessary to compensate for this with a more thoughtful approach to what the child plays.
Update2:to complete the picture of the possibilities of creativity in minecraft, you should add this link. ATP for her s1im

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