Wangers have been reissued on Steam

    Today, the game was reissued on Steam under the auspices of KranX Productions.
    The dream of a Western journalist came true, who regretted in the late 90s that the game was published only in Russia and was inaccessible to a Western player.
    Many do not know about its existence, but this game was one of those first Russian games, after which Western players and publishers paid attention to our game dev.
    Now Kaliningrad is one of the centers of the Russian game dev. And this became possible not only thanks to the special economic zone, but also thanks to the example and personnel of KD-Lab.
    It is a great honor for me to be personally acquainted with some members of the KD-Lab team.
    Congratulations to KranK and the entire KD-Lab with this event!
    And, of course, players who remember and love Vanger!
    Go ahead for the Scent, comrades!

    The game engine has been rewritten taking into account support for all relevant modern operating systems.
    When buying a game, you can be sure that it will start everywhere where Steam works.
    Thanks stalkerg for the work done.

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