Python podcasts: that's all we found


    The query “Alice to hear about Python” given to Google will most likely lead you into a stupor, to articles of many years ago that are not very relevant, or to long-closed topics that you simply cannot (or no one) update.

    So the idea was born to make a list of thematic audio-video castes and try to keep it up-to-date. At least a year. If you read this in 2020, also knock on the PM or write about your podcast in the comments - add.

    About Python in Russian

    1. Python Junior Podcast

    Status: active, launched in 2018. The

    podcast is conducted by: haofravchane eyeofhell , Voldar and their colleagues in the MoscowPython community and LearnPython courses . The podcast has 6 regular presenters, in each issue there are 3-4 of them + guests can be added.

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Video version: out on the YouTube channel of the MoscowPython community, going to a separate playlist. Here is one of the issues:

    The podcast raises questions of professional growth, lifehacks, and the study of PL. Less attention is paid to the news, more attention to the "eternal".

    2. 38 parrots

    Status: Active, April 1, 2019 released the 3rd episode.

    The podcast is led by: guys from SpbPython - nonamenix and his colleagues appeared in the pilot issue .

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Video version: All three episodes have video versions available on Youtube. An example of one of them:

    3. That's all folks

    Once - an accident. Two is a coincidence. Three - example number three has not yet been found, although there is a community in the CIS in Novosibirsk, Kharkov. We hope that the experience of colleagues and the relative simplicity of the recording inspired one of them to do podcasts ...

    In English

    Here things are better. There are more podcasts in English, which makes it possible to choose between podcasts about a language, individual frameworks or industry news.

    4. Podcast .__ init__

    Status: active, start - March 2015. By September 2018, 177 episodes were released.

    The podcast leads: Tobias Macy

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Video version: not found

    There are a lot of frameworks and libraries in the podcast, less often - a discussion of industry news. The author also has a podcast about data and infrastructure.

    5. Talk Python to Me

    Status: active, start - March 2015. By September 2018, 176 episodes were released.

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Podcast leads: Michael Kennedy

    Video version:

    Talk Python to Me is a 45-minute interview with industry experts covering a wide range of Python technologies and related topics (MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps).

    6. PythonBytes

    Status: active, coming out from November 2016, by September 2018, 94 issues were released.

    The podcast is hosted by: Michael Kennedy (by Talk Python to Me) and Brian Okken.

    RSS for podcast clients:

    PythonBytes is created especially for those who have never had time to browse reddit and Twitter. It comes out every week, inside - the most important news from the world of Python-development.

    7. Test and code

    Status: active, coming out from August 2015. By September 2018, 47 episodes were released.

    Podcast leads: Brian Okken, author of the book “Testing with pytest”.

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Video version: not found

    The podcast is dedicated to testing in Python. Framework, technology - in general, everything that can answer the question “Does everything work correctly for us?”

    8. PG Podcast

    Status: active, by September 2018 42 episodes were released.

    The podcast leads: Phillip Go, teaching cognitive technology at the University of San Diego.

    RSS for podcast clients:

    Video version:

    In his podcast, Phillip Go talks not only about commercial development in Python, but also about productivity, mentoring, and research using python.


    With high probability these projects have already ceased to exist. But if you are interested in the development of the language or have overheard all the living, feel free to turn on one of them. In addition, all of a sudden, your activity will encourage their creators to revive such a useful thing for the community.

    9. Import This

    Status: 3 months without updates, in September 2018 16 episodes were released. Podcasts are hosted by

    : Kenneth Ritz and Alex Gaynor

    RSS feeds for podcast clients: : users: 82237854 / sounds.rss

    Video version: not found

    Podcast page:

    Project announced as “Python podcast for people” is an interview about the future of python, infrastructure, IoT, as well as small reports from PyCon US.

    10. From Python import Podcast

    Status: inactive, the last 17 episode was released 4 years ago.

    The podcast are: Chris Miller, David Stanek, Mike Crete.

    Podcast page:

    Video version: not found

    In the releases of the podcast, Python 3, industry news, and news from conferences were actively discussed.

    11. Radio Free Python

    Status: inactive, 13 episodes released, last - in May 2013.

    Podcast leads: Larry Hastings

    Podcast page:

    Video version: not found

    The podcast was released monthly and focused on changes in the language infrastructure and news of the Python community.

    12. Python Out Loud

    Status: inactive, in 2018 only 2 episodes were released. Podcasts are hosted by

    : Kevin Chang, Isaiah Lenkem

    Podcast page:

    Video version: did not find the

    Podcast for beginners about learning Python and what problems can be solved with the help of python.

    13. Django Round-Up

    Status: inactive, the last 19 episode was released 5 years ago.


    podcast is hosted by : Kenneth Love, Brandon Concl. Podcast page:

    Video version: not found

    The podcast specialized in the Django Python framework, web development and major project releases.

    14. Python podcast in Spanish.
    If you own - tell us (and everything) about what is there .

    As you can see, less alive than the dead.


    But, hopefully, this year will bring us new launches of Russian-language and not only podcasts about Python) More podcasts to God podcasts! :)

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