Video course of practical robotics on Lego NXT

    The long and painstaking work of preparing a course of video lectures “Practical Robotics” is nearing its end, and I want to share the first results of my work. You can already sign up for it and start studying.
    Of course, there are comments on the format and content of the course, but it seems to me it turned out pretty well. Here, for example, is the third part of the fourth lecture.

    A summary of the course can be found in the articles “Mathematical model of the Lego NXT engine” and “Mathematical model of the Lego Segway” .
    The course will introduce you to the basics of Lagrange mechanics, the matrix representation of systems, the basic techniques of automatic control theory. I tried not to resort to complex mathematical techniques, so school knowledge should be enough to take the course.

    For work, only openly or free distributed software is used. So everyone can take part. The course can be taken even if you do not have the Lego NXT suite, it discusses in sufficient detail the work with software packages that will allow you to apply this knowledge to a wide range of equipment.
    The entire course consists of eight lectures, the following content.
    1. Not eXactly C (NXC). NXT text programming.
    2. Scilab. Package of applied mathematical calculations.
    3. Modeling of electromechanical processes DPT (DC motor). The dynamics of a rotating body.
    4. Modeling of electromagnetic processes DPT. The dynamics of the electrical circuit.
    5. Proportional DPT management.
    6. Maxima. Package of symbolic mathematical calculations.
    7. Description of the system by the Lagrange-Euler equations. The matrix description of the system.
    8. Calculation of feedback coefficients. Ackerman formula.

    In addition to the presentation, I strongly advise you to study the Magnus Egerstedt course "Management of mobile robots" . It addresses the issues of mobile robotics deeper from a theoretical point of view.

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