Why haven't I called back?

    On the third day, one comrade, sluggishly and lazily looking for a job at a high price, but at the same time not wishing to take the exam for a certificate, was interested in questions that had previously interested me and not only me:

    - Why didn't I call back?
    - Why in the vacancies often do not write a salary, but only the requirements?
    - Others why, or how to save both your and other people's time.

    Having run a couple of past years in an interview, and looking at the hiring process from various angles, including as a guest technician (almost as widely known in the narrow circles as a cloud mining expertEvgeny V), and as a possible leader of the future colleague, and as a recommending specialist (when he sent someone for an interview, and received feedback on that), and after reading the opinion of colleagues here , I have something to say, convey it tell your private point of view to a wider audience.

    TL / DR - nothing new, just specialists who pay for the Internet and go to the leading technical-political site not to be sent to Google to look for unfamiliar words, are met at the first stage by the same experts on a particularly rich inner world.

    For a start it is worth knowing how the world works. It is quite common that Vishnu is asleep, he dreams of Brahma, and Brahma dreams of everything else.

    In the case of IT arrangement, the situation is simple , which I already wrote about in the absence of an analogous taxpayer.

    There is a small business, medium business, and a bloody enterprise.

    There is the first line - plug-in mice and image flooders, including the question " why don't we pour the ZVER DVD, these citizens in the parent French organization do not understand anything " (the opinion of another Eugene, by the way).

    There is a second line - cloud mining specialists, like our beloved hero Eugene, and the third line, which has to work with its head.

    In small and medium business, the first, second and third lines are combined in one person, which is also coming.

    On average, where as, sometimes the second and third lines are still spaced apart, the first one also accepts applications for the desk service.

    In a bloody enterprise, a qualitative leap begins when the network and, say, storage systems are engaged in different people.

    Determine your own technical level can be based on the ratio of the number of current Pearson VUE certificates multiplied by the statistics in tanks (rakabliki, Vovka, line, Eva - to taste) for the last month, divided by the number of comments on the Habré for the same time.

    After this simple exercise you need to understand a few simple things.

    - If in a small / medium business you can still imagine yourself second only to Big Boss, then you are only one more employee in EC (a home-based enterprise). There is nothing of yours here, you sell your time and experience, everything.

    There was a need for a link to the reddit, which I lost in a naval way, which I regret.

    - IT is (mostly) not a key profit-generating element. Organization, even with a complete failure in the entire server warp, will be able to work in one form or another. The key element of IT here will not be mail, but the system of organizing the issue of invoices for shipment and the bank client.

    - The bulk of vacancies refers to small / medium business, and here (in my opinion) there is a sharp misunderstanding of the state of the labor market on both sides, the applicant and the employer.
    In the case of the applicant, there is often an inflated self-conceit (with inverse correlation with the number of certificates), in the case of the employer, a standard misunderstanding that their organization is not unique from any side.

    Now, since you've read this far, my valuable opinion on the above voiced questions will be.

    “Why haven't I called back?”

    Necessary note: the following text is based on the idea that you are in fact, not in your opinion, roughly correspond to the vacancy. If you don’t meet at all, let's say you’ve been involved in email all your life, but you don’t know the foreach construct ($ a in $ b), or came to the devops interview - although you don’t distinguish between an inner join and vimautomation.core. call back

    There may be a lot of options, the simplest and most frequently encountered recently (except for the inconsistency described above) - the employee is not needed. It is not you who are not needed, but in general the worker is not needed for this place.

    As it happens - yes, just. There is a department staff, say 5 people. Tasks are carried out by four, with overlapping for the period of holidays and diseases. There is a place where you need to dial someone.
    But if someone dials, it will be difficult to push off from the new, strange tasks that come from above. Immediately, the staff as a whole copes, real tasks are accomplished, and at meetings we can safely say that yes, we are certainly pleased, but you can see for yourself that the department is overloaded, and there’s no reason for a person to come up. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

    There are exceptions of the form “forgotten” or “earned”, or “they consider giving feedback to be beneath their dignity”, but these are exceptions of the DNIWE level. If the worker is NECESSARY, then that it is necessary to contact him will be reminded at all levels.

    There is one more exception, when more or less suitable candidates are more than two, but one is ready to come out in a week, but wants a little more money, and the second after 3 weeks, but it seems and knows more. In this case, they can first call only the first one, but if he refuses, then SUDDENLY recall the second one.

    More exceptions to practice:

    • You are overclocked (Why were you called for an interview then? Hoping that the resume is 50% water?);
    • oh, thanks for calling: you are right for us and we are ready to offer, we just lost your resumes and contacts.


    If you do not call back (did not write) in 3-5 business days, then you, as an employee, are not really needed here. You can (and should) write / call yourself, in the format “I wanted to remind myself”, but this is a form of politeness and no more, it does not affect the decision making.

    Moreover, if suddenly and suddenly this approach will matter, then the situation in the organization is even worse than you thought - the decision on hiring and filter is made by HR, and the head of the department is not interested in this question (hiring). See above - the worker is not needed.

    - Why in the vacancies often do not write a salary, but only the requirements?

    Oh, this is a very interesting question, and the answer to it can be stated simply - GREED, OTHER GREED, and ANOTHER GREED.

    Greed number one

    Market condition.

    IT does not bring direct profit, remember these simple and instructive words. Accordingly, it is not necessary to index the salary, and it was also useless to look for an employee for a salary "higher than three years ago with a dismissed specialist". However, HR is usually not really stupid, and they understand that for three years inflation in the Russian Federation makes up 25 percent (real), and of the intangible buns they offer only pride, prejudice and the honor to work in a big successful company, the winner of the contest - 2012 ". So it remains only to first drag the employee to an interview, and then we will see if he suddenly agrees, maybe this is his job at his home, or he needs to STRAIGHT.

    Greed number two

    The situation in the Moscow market (I will not say about the rest of the cities) is that the salary may differ by a factor of 2-3, depending on the company. There is no uniform tariff scale, there are some approximate boundaries, but they are very blurred. As a result, you can always try to push an employee for less money "based on the results of the interview."

    Greed number three, or what happens if you show an overestimated salary

    Life story, by the way.

    In 2014, a new data center was opened. We put a vacancy with an open salary of 150 (thousand rubles).

    The task was such, to go through a small ridge and catch the right candidate ... They wanted as always - all at once, networker, Linux + ms.

    1500 people passed, and found NO ONE.

    This taught them NOT to show money, for you will show, you will receive + 40% of local administrators, who simply see + 20-30% of their sn, click and spend your time, because they are not ready to close a job vacancy

    Other reasons, or how to save both your own and other people's time

    This piece is written under the influence of both the opinions of colleagues and the experience of the last correspondence interview.

    Before further reading, you should read the older one - Interviews, the labor market, etc. in the city of Moscow. Arr. Summer 7525
    Intangible motivation - what is included there

    First, about the last entertaining experience.

    As some people know, I am now sitting on the first normal vacation for the last couple of years, finishing up all sorts of long-running cases, teaching the materiel (actually, writing this text) and starting September 24 to go to a new job. So, opening a resume, I was faced with an interesting “for me” and “there wasn’t before”.

    1 - HR bots.

    HR took out, automata everywhere set in a new wave of the bottom (DNIWA) among automated HR.

    The first wave was when I was sent just copy-paste from HH.

    The second wave looked like this - they send two vacancies “blah blah, work at work, payment by interview”.

    I am writing back - you sent me a job here, and how much is a fork?

    The answer comes "we already have the final candidate, thanks for the letter."

    Then this vacancy was sent another 2-3 times, well done.

    I don't know who developed these bots, but this is an adaptation of regular spam to hh.ru. I don’t know how these bots interact with hh, simple brute force, or like with E-Staff, when hh tech support cannot answer me how to prohibit the transfer of my resume to this excellent softphone.

    I explain: E-Staff tracks the “job vacancy-employee” link, and as soon as you update your resume and upload it to E-Staff, they will see this update. Setting "do not show my resume campaigns" - in my opinion it does not matter. What happens next depends on the chef, how soon this wonderful news will be told to him, which you probably did not want to tell him.

    In particular, such a useful function is used in one club of fans of yellow software, when it is immediately visible when a former employee posted an updated resume.

    2 - freelance HR.

    This is generally an amazing thing. Almost the same as HR bots, only worse.
    Bot he is a bot, why offended him? Freelance is different.
    For example, some citizen writes to me, these are vacancies, would you like to.
    I answer, so that he voiced that as in more detail, because hh I read and so I can.
    The man disappears.
    I am waiting for a week, I write "well, how is it all chtoli"?
    He wakes up, replies that he is guilty, and corrected, and everyone will like it, just like Saddam and Satan. We call up each other, and he reads me out loud according to the list from the vacancy about all sorts of technologies. And my TOEFL is directly listed in my resume with 119 points, but the recruiter asks “what level of English”.

    Or, for example, I have a full version of the summary in the top lines (which I use, although it can be crooked and much better and faster) - but the recruiter asks if I know him well.
    So I know what “excellent” means from the point of view of someone? Maybe there is a lover of one-liners and all hotkeys, such as $ old | % {Remove-Item $ _. SPBackupDirectory -Recurse} "The
    list of get-alias you can see for yourself, does not add readability, speed too.

    3 - It seems like a large company, and HR sits at the entrance with a horoscope.

    It seems to me that the situation is simple -
    • any sane manager knows that, for the most part, HR can only count the number of hands, legs and eyes of a candidate.
    • accordingly, as soon as the search beyond the initial selection is entrusted to HR, it means that the employee is rather not needed, see above
    • it is possible to evaluate whether or not an employee is needed - according to the instructions of the salary in open form (this increases the percentage of non-poetic one by 50% in the initial selection and the burden on the interviewee), or by answering the salary range. More precisely, about the lack of response, with the translation of the theme "voiced successful and motivated."

    Swam already, we know.

    However, suddenly, in some seemingly large firms, there is trouble even with primary dropout - when you ask what the salary fork is, tasks, bonuses, studies, bonuses like working from home (see Intangible Motivation - what is included ) - and you get the answer first that work in our company is in itself a great honor, and in the second phase, when you write “well, you know, somehow it is not interesting” - you receive a letter “well, you did not quite understand, blah blah.”

    Well, yes, of course, not so.

    The result is that the average HR, even in a large (seemingly) company, is

    • filter with implicit input parameters. HR can have the roof shifted on horoscopes, some lines in the resume, anything, and you will not know the real reason for the refusal even before the technical interview, do not waste time trying to understand.
    • therefore, a normal manager should control the dropout rate. If the dropout rate is above 20%, then something is wrong with HR.
    • for an already established employee that HR is, what is not - HR’s opinion is not in the salary line, there are no bonuses (I’ll leave the question of sexual relations behind the scenes), all that is there is a drain on the fact that the employee has updated the resume. Draining may be delayed from 2 days to 2 weeks.

    3.1 In general, with the summary plum, the situation is interesting, much more interesting than I thought a couple of years ago.

    Who watched the film "The Sphere" / The Circle, that little aware of what it was about.


    • Merging someone else's resume into a closed general chat / HR group is a common practice.
    • No less common thing for recruitment agencies / gaskets is to receive an application from the office, take an open resume of the employee from the same office, and send them.
    • Black lists of employees have not gone away and are alive and healthy. At 152-FZ in this issue look in any way.
    • The funniest thing starts when these closed blacklists are pushed online. Cases have already been.

    The conclusion is how to save time at this stage:

    - if HR correspondence does not consider it necessary to answer the direct question about the salary forks, then you can not even spend your time, most likely that the amount indicated by you "in hands" will be much higher than the budget.

    As a result, the interview will be either boring and at the end will sound completely different numbers, or will try to push the amount lower in the style of “we are honored to work”, or “but we have a vending machine, you can buy a chocolate bar”.

    - If already at the first stage of the interview, visits of the type “Plan - law, fulfillment - duty, overfulfilment - honor!” Begin! (C) Two broken towers ”, or“ we have processing is generally the norm ”- then you should ask, and what in return? What about processing fees? If at this stage the interlocutor changes abruptly in the face, changes shoes in a jump and says that their corporate culture is not accepted at all, and so you can move the chair back and say "it was interesting, I will call you back."

    So it goes.

    I’ll write separately about what kind of real admins lokalkhost sometimes come to the interview.
    Outstanding personalities, frankly.

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