Opera extension: search the open site 1.2

    A new version of the "Site Search" extension has been released (not to be confused with Ctrl + F). The main difference is compatibility with Opera 15+.

    On many sites, it’s not easy to find the information you need because the search on the site does not work or works very badly. My extension solves this problem using popular search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.).

    Download and install from the Opera extensions directory

    Before using the extension for the first time, you must restart the browser.

    I foresee the question “Why hasn't there been compatibility with Opera 15 for so long?”. To be honest, after the news about the incompatibility of the Opera 12 and Opera 15 APIs, I uttered a lot of obscene words and scored on this extension. But users convinced me.
    The extension converter from Opera 12 to Opera 15 simplified the transition. But still I had to work with a file.

    Fans of the FireFox browser can take advantagesimilar extension for your browser .

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