Exchange Mt. Gox declared bankrupt

    The other day, news was published on Habré that the largest (once) virtual currency exchange Mt. Gox stopped all operations. Today, an exchange lawyer representing Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy of the company.

    Currently, the debt of this exchange to its users is 63.6 million US dollars. It is worth noting that operations were stopped in early February, and this week, on Tuesday, the exchange stopped working, removing content and contact information from the site.

    Of course, all this could not but affect the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate - the rate fell (but, as suggested in the comments, not very much). On Mt. Gox, after all these problems started, the bitcoin exchange rate has fallen by almost 10 times since the beginning of the year (the peak value is $ 1,200 per cryptocurrency unit).

    The problems at the exchange began from the moment the document about the possible theft of cryptocurrency was published. According to "virtual currency dealer" Ryan Selkis, in a few years about 750 thousand bitcoins could be stolen from the exchange.

    Bankruptcy proceedings were launched to protect the company from creditors, some of which currently spend days and nights at the exchange office, demanding their money.

    Via reuters + vedomosti

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