US Intelligence Requests 2013

    In the best traditions of the “free” Internet, the largest companies published data on requests from US intelligence agencies for the first half of 2013.

    So only Yahoo received more than 30 thousand requests from US intelligence agencies with a request to provide information about users. Microsoft received 15-16 thousand hits, Google - 9-10 thousand. US intelligence agencies became interested in users of the social network Facebook only 5-6 thousand times.

    The prevalence of Yahoo requests is because Yahoo email is the most popular in the United States. And synchronization of mail from dropbox accounts allows you to access not only personal correspondence, but also personal files.

    I would like to note that at one time the information that companies disclose the personal data of users caused a scandal and general outrage of users. Therefore, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn filed a lawsuit with the court and sought permission from the US authorities to publish this data. If they are forced to disclose data, then they try to be as transparent as possible.


    As early as January 17, 2014, a document appeared on the network according to which the American special services used the Prefer program, which analyzed data from automatic text messages that came to the subscriber's phone. In particular, messages about missed calls, messages about crossing borders, and even messages from travel companies were analyzed. And only the number of intercepted SMS messages exceeded 200 million per day!

    So now you can be sure that not only IT companies, but also mobile operators cooperate with the authorities in the process of tracking people. Big brother found a way to cover us all.

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