Genetically modified pigs glowing in the dark


    Biological modifications at the gene level, well shown in the movie “Gattaka”, are gradually becoming a reality and, probably, their industrial application will really start from China, although genetic manipulation itself, for example below, was developed in the USA.

    The video below the cat shows the genetically modified pigs raised by scientists at Guangdong University in southern China in the usual way from a sow, and they glow in the dark. The effect itself is useless in a practical sense - unless someone finds it curious when the pork chops shine - and the meaning of the experiment was to prove the fact of the successful transfer of fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA to the animal's body. Interestingly, the technique used by Chinese scientists, originally developed by the University of Hawaii Institute of Biogenetic Research, accelerates DNA transfer by 4 times compared to other approaches.

    The long-term goal of research is the use and introduction of useful genes into the human body to counter genetic diseases. A smaller goal is characterized by the following example: for people suffering from hemophilia, in the future it will be possible to use genetic manipulations to create the enzymes required for their treatment that increase the coagulation factor directly in animals, without the need to build biochemical factories worth millions of dollars.

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