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Good day, dear users!

I want to share with you my little story of creating my little game.

Well, let's start with the fact that I am a schoolboy. I have a USE on my nose, I need to get ready for it, and everything pulls and pulls me into this kind of lost steppe. But it does not stop me much. Even as a child I dreamed of making games, so why not start right now.

Well, let's start, perhaps.

The year 2019 came, and I decided: “It's time to do something new!” I sat down on the couch on January 1, opened YouTube, as usual, and turned on some vidos in the background, wondering at the same time what to do. And here came to my mind a great idea, which I decided to immediately take up. I decided to learn a new programming language! Before that, I knew only Python (about it a little later) and pascal, which no one needed, just for solving the same exam. So I sat down at the laptop and thought, "Which language would I choose?". My choice fell on Java.

It was not easy to find a good course for the fundamentals of Java, but the CodeAcademy website, as always, came to the rescue (I studied Python in the same place). Pretty quickly passed all the free courses and was delighted, thinking: “Well, that's all, you can write Minecraft,” but happiness was fleeting. My thoughts about creating Java games ended after reading the very first article about developing in this language. Everything was somehow complicated and long. In connection with this event, I decided to come up with something else.

Here I remember such a wonderful thing as Unity. I started reading about this engine and immediately ran into, at that time, the problem - C #. I thought it would be difficult, as some classmate complained about it, but everything turned out to be much easier than I thought: C # is very similar to Java, in my opinion, so I super quickly learned the basics in one evening, which allowed already start writing code.

From the next morning, with the first rays of the sun, I got up and immediately began to read, read and once again read about Unity everything that happened. I started to install software and try various things, which was crowned with some kind of success - I wrote my first game on Android. It was a very sloppy game, with downloaded pictures from the Internet, without menus and bugs. Its meaning was simple - you run around the kitten, dodging the falling mugs of pugs:

After telling my parents, I became even more enthusiastic because they liked it, and dad even shared this news with his friend.

And now I'm starting to write a normal game. The idea of ​​the game was served by one video on YouTube from the Brackeys channel. I really liked what he did, and I decided to bring this idea to mind. The bottom line was this: there is a ball that can be believed around the center at a short distance, and you had to hit them in the holes in the hexagon, which spasmed and narrowed at a certain speed. It was hard to start when you were learning the material for only a couple of days, but thanks to our favorite web, much could be found.

I started with gameplay. Everything went on as usual, I did everything with blood and sweat, I went to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning, although the usual mode was 10-11 o'clock in the evening, but I could not be broken. And here I have already finished the menu:

Very simple, but for me the buttons - it was already something with something.

I showed the game to my girlfriend, who was in the role of tester, and she didn’t like management very much, while I didn’t notice it, because I was already used to it. Started doing control, change the speed of rotation and all that. It took all of them more than a day of overwork, sitting at home, and browsing the Internet seamlessly.

I give ready changes and I receive all the same in reply. Then I started just 24 hours a day to do something and fix it. Everything was very difficult and I corrected many problems through trial and error, I wrote many parts of the code myself, because I had seen a lot over the years. Also, I had to learn how to draw, which I never knew how, and draw buttons. And that's what I got by drawing some more in Illustrator, in order to add some skins instead of a white ball:

For me it was the greatest breakthrough.

It was already easier further. I added more buttons, music (I barely found something suitable, since I do not know how to record it myself), added a couple more skins, volume and speed settings for the ball so that the player himself set it as convenient for him. It turned out such a miracle:

I was proud of this act that I decided to put it on Google Play. Learned how to do it. Began to work. And here I see that I have to pay $ 25 for registration, which I was notably surprised by. Okay, I paid (but the toad was strangling like that, horror just). All set up, spread the game. And now I’m already impatiently waiting for it to be released, and I’m going to rest for about 5-6 hours waiting for me to fill out the APK before publishing.

Waking up at 8 pm, I see that the game is already on Google Play! Joy knew no bounds. I share with all my friends the news, I say: “In! Download, play, tell me how you. " Having laid out the game, I thought that everything had already been done, but no-eeee, far from it. My friends began to write about a bunch of bugs and errors that I didn’t suspect (who knew that you need to configure for different screens). So I’m not sleeping again, fixing everything, drove my masterpiece under all permissions and uploaded updates. Everything is ready ... I'm going to rest.

Not everything is so simple ... In a couple of minutes they write again about other mistakes. Okay, also corrected, loaded. And here, thank God, everything stopped. I finally go to bed after so many days without sleep. It was the sweetest dream in my life.

That's about the story happened to me. You can play the game by clicking here: Spin The Ball . If it is not difficult, write your assessment and comments on the game, so that I know in which direction to develop. Thank you very much!

I will tell you about the Python story later.

Thank you all for your attention,
your dramaformama

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