Friday webinars from Skillbox: development for beginners

    Today we publish a selection of webinars that are directly related to software development. Webinars have different themes, more precisely, they tell about different areas of development. Other topics include a web developer dictionary, lifehacks for novice programmers, and PHP and Android application development.

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    Web Developer's Dictionary

    Ex-technical director of the online university Skillbox Nikolay Baryshnikov leads a master class in which he talks about important terms used by web developers. Without most of these terms, it’s simply impossible to do among programmers: you will not be able to understand colleagues.

    The webinar is intended primarily for beginners who know little about the area in which they are going to work.

    Practical annual course "Profession Web developer" .

    How to develop an application for PHP

    In this webinar, Badoo lead programmer Mikhail Ovchinnikov shares his experience. He talks about how to develop an application in PHP. This is the main thread of the webinar. Intermediate topics are the popularity of PHP as a language for backend development, the reasons for popularity, the necessary knowledge and skills for a professional in this field. In addition, Michael tells about the situation on the market of PHP-developers, including companies where such a programmer can work, the level of salaries, the requirements of employers.

    Online course "PHP developer from 0 to PRO"

    How to become an Android developer

    Webinar, the main theme of which is the formation of a new Android developer. It covers topics about the necessary minimum of skills and knowledge to create your first mobile application, developer's tools, plus the amount of time and effort required to move from a trainee programmer to a team in an international company.

    Online course "Mobile developer from scratch . "

    Mobile development automation tools

    The webinar of authorship of the head of mobile development AGIMA Dmitry Shashlov will be interesting not only for beginners, but also for relatively experienced developers. Dmitry tells what Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are, why autotests are needed, how to work with code in a team using gitflow, pull request and code review.

    Practical online course "Mobile Developer PRO" .

    Lifehacks for novice programmers

    The author of the webinar is the technical director of Beta Digital Production Gleb Mikheev. He shares lifehacks for novice programmers that he has been able to assemble for all the time. The main topics of the webinar are the features of the programmer’s path, the set of personal qualities that the specialist needs, the myths about the developers and the details of the work and life case of a frontend developer in one of the Moscow agencies.

    The webinar will be interesting for novice programmers, but many topics can be useful for professionals. By the way, if you have something to share with other readers on webinar topics, please unsubscribe in the comments.

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