Yii 2 alpha

    The first alpha version of Yii 2 has been released. You can download it as an archive from the official site . Installation instructions via Composer are also listed there.

    Yii 2 is a completely redesigned version of one of the most popular PHP frameworks. The new version inherits the general spirit of the first version, namely the desire for simplicity, speed and extensibility. Yii 2 uses many of the features of PHP 5.4. The framework follows the best practices of modern web development.

    You can find a full description of the features in the full manual, and especially in the section with differences from version 1.1 .

    The release of alpha is an important development in Yii 2 and means that the code has reached a certain degree of stability. If you are just starting to learn Yii or if your project is not limited by a tough time frame, you can try the new version. Do not use Yii 2 in combat projects as the framework team can still make significant changes without any prior notice.

    Within two years, a huge amount of code was received from the community . Thank you for making this release possible.

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