Existing cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin

With the popularity and price of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also pulled in: there were more of them, they are more diverse and supported, and a lot of creators have invested a lot of money. Everyone has their own differences and advantages, their own mining complexity, their own price and services. And until everything settles down, it's just a big lottery in which you can try your luck.


Why create your own cryptocurrency and invest money in its development (creating a website, PR, services for working with it, etc.)?
In general, everything is simple: investing with the expectation of wealth in case their currency is popular, because the one who is the first to have access to the currency can remember it himself on gorgeous conditions (at the very beginning there is the lowest complexity and the largest exhaust in coins). And only then it is posted to the public. However, not all currencies are mined by the creators to off. launch, and the lack of pre-mine then plays a good role in campaigning to the public specifically for its cryptocurrency.

Of the cryptocurrencies, the most popular at the moment are BTC Bitcoin ($ 1000), LTC Litecoin ($ 30), NMC Namecoin ($ 7.7), PPC PPcoin ($ 6.1), however, you can still argue about the last two, it’s all too fast.

What is mining and working with cryptocurrency in general?
It's simple: download the wallet from the off site and wait until it is synchronized.
Almost all wallets look like this:

Next, download the miner (or the miner is already built into your wallet) and find the pool (a place for general cryptocurrency mining, because if the complexity is high, mining is not profitable for one). We configure the miner to work with the pool and run it. Miners are available for the CPU (processor) and GPU (video card). Personally, I have nothing lagging with the CPU miner, it is not even noticeable. GPU miners mine many times faster, but significantly slow down the computer.

How can you make money here? Well, there are many ways.
1) If you do not want to play with luck, then it makes sense to find a currency that has a simple withdrawal service, mine and immediately withdraw. For example copperLark (mine here, Help -> Start mining).
You can pay for a mobile phone and some online games for them (I tried to pay for the phone, wait for enrollment ~ 3-4 hours, but everything comes). If you put the CPU miner on a computer in the background, it does not interfere with the main activity, you can put 300-600 rubles per month on a mobile phone.

Or you can do the same, but put the currency on one of the exchanges. Upon reaching the minimum withdrawal amount, withdraw real money in rubles (poison, webmoney, kiwi, etc.). From the exchanges I can advise upbit.org (there is no problem with the withdrawal, the commission is 0.1%, supports bitcoins, coppercoins, lightcoins, dollars, rubles and euros) and btc-e.com (0.2%, a larger number in currencies, there are also no problems with the withdrawal , however, the courses are always lower than on other exchanges.)

2) Buy or mine a new currency. The main thing here is to find something with potential, start mining and forget about 5 years. If you're lucky, then shoot. However, many just buy new currency of all kinds for ridiculous money in large quantities and wait until one of them shoots.

3) Trade. (Provided a commission of 0.1 - 0.2% and huge jumps in currencies (they can be under + 300% per day) can be beneficial).

As a conclusion, we can say that the whole currency is a lottery, and one of them will clearly shoot (no one will refuse the advantages of cryptocurrency (anonymity, decentralization, control of the amount of money on the market, a small percentage of the transfer or its absence, the inability to fake) even if bitcoin will collapse), so there’s still time to try your luck until it’s cognitive and the risks are small.

A brief list of cryptocurrency with their schedules and price: coinmarketcap.com
England. cryptocurrency wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cryptocurrencies

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What do you think: will cryptocurrency replace the usual money in the future?

  • 45.9% No, it just takes a certain percentage among other currencies 420
  • 5.1% No, they will ban it and everyone will forget about it 47
  • 13.1% No, how bitcoin will fall everyone will forget about it 120
  • 11.1% Yes, and Bitcoin will become the main currency 102
  • 12.2% Yes, and various cryptocurrencies will become the main currencies 112
  • 12.4% Yes, but after creating some new type of cryptocurrency 114

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