MIT developed a physically shape-changing screen


    Five MIT employees showed something futuristic - the inFORM (Dynamic Shape Display) screen, which physically changes its shape, depending on what it “shows”.

    Technically, we are talking about a certain plane on which “physical voxels” are mounted, able to change their height, getting its value from the parameters of the virtual object that you want to show or, in the literal sense, from the physical dimensions of the real object with which the screen interacts using Kinect .

    This creates the effect of the "physical presence" of the object, which can be located in front of the sensor arbitrarily far from the screen itself. It is noticeable that the “resolution” of the screen is still small, but if you imagine that it will reach the Retina level, then the concept of 3D modeling and 3D printing will go to a whole new level.

    In this case, the best demonstration of the development would be a video:

    The authors' scientific article on development is available in pdf.

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