In many Russian companies, the question of returning funds to a client for refusing a service / item is the most unloved. You can understand entrepreneurs - you are deprived, it seems, of already earned profit, and even the inner feeling that you have "lost" is present. Unlike foreign companies, our companies are trying to delay the refund process as long as possible, invented PDFs and fables, which directly contradicts Chapter 3 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights” .
    What can I say, I did not manage to return the iPod to the girl representative of Apple in Russia. The girl’s wording that she wants a different color player caused a smile from the Yabloko side and, twisting around the temple, they said goodbye to us.

    Now, being on the side of a large company, I understand that the best way out is to adequately get out of the situation - honestly offer to issue paperwork on the return of banknotes. After that, our Russian citizen, unaccustomed to such a festival of generosity, will think about whether everyone should be tormented with this at all or whether he can give this item to a friend / relative, and they themselves want to. These are the formulations I often heard.
    Do not show the client your back - since they refused your services, then prove that you do not have such cases. The client will be surprised at your insolence, but there will be no annoyance on both sides: someone got their money back, someone, not tarnishing himself with an even worse attitude, is ready to make money for others.
    Lack of emotionon the paying side, it will be a good “slap in the face” to a harmful client (unless of course this whole procedure is a consequence of the terrible unprofessionalism of the company) - “you are not the first and you are not the last, how good it is that we are no longer working with each other.”

    Do not be afraid - this is part of the business. Whatever side of these barricades we are standing on.

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