A universal quadrocopter with Kinect on board: knows how to fly, does not sink in water, rolls on the ground

    Of course, I also wanted to write that this quadrocopter, created by the Japanese to work as an automatic rescue station, is not on fire. But it will not work - it burns, like all plastic devices. But the point is not the fire, but the fact that the MUWA (Multi-field Universal Wheel for Air-land Vehicle with Quad Variable-pitch Propellers) quadrocopter is indeed a universal device.

    Firstly, it is able to fly along a predetermined trajectory, while simultaneously receiving a 3D image of the terrain using the Kinect sensor. Secondly, it can land at a given angle (and land very accurately) if necessary. On the ground, it does not lie with a useless load, but moves along the wheel principle (for which the developers equipped the quadrocopter with an external hoop).

    In addition, this device is also capable of swimming, which may be necessary in case of accidents and disasters on the water, when it is difficult to determine where people are. MUWA, by design, can deliver life-saving appliances for people on the water.

    As for movement on the ground, the MUWA can go through ajar doors, crawl between bars, etc.

    The device, as mentioned above, transmits a three-dimensional “picture” to its operator, who already determines that there are people / any kind of objects on the terrain that the quadrocopter is currently viewing.

    In general, this is a universal reconnaissance officer, who, except that he knows how to deliver people to rescuers yet.

    Via dvice

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