Algorithm and advantages of automatic update CMS

    imageWe have often seen complaints about difficulties from users of different cms that arise in the process of updating system versions - and far from always difficulties are caused by a lack of user experience. Paradoxically, these problems are only exacerbated in the case of an automatic update (if it is available at all). Although, according to the idea of ​​the developers, this tool, on the contrary, should simplify the work of users, eliminating all possible tinsel of this process.

    Let's try to understand the algorithm for installing the latest version, it is common for most site management systems.
    • Check for upgrade if a new version of your CMS is available.
    • Backup files are updated automatically. It makes no sense to keep a copy of all the content, since it will take up extra space on the hosting.
    • It is worth remembering that the update process itself takes some time, during which the site may not be accessible to users. But this is heavily dependent on the CMS. Therefore, we recommend that you do not perform any work from the admin panel, and do not modify system files in the process.
    • What to do in case of an error on the way to auto-update? If the error is so serious that the system does not fix it on its own, then the user is prompted to recover from the reserve.

    ImageCMS users can now also keep the system up to date without any extra effort. Why? Because from the version of ImageCMS 4.5 we launched an automatic update, and all the latest functionality will be available for use as quickly as possible.

    Key features for automatically updating ImageCMS versions are outlined in the publication . We do not blindly update all files - only those in which changes were made change. It also affects the speed of the update process - your users may not even notice it.
    We hope that this opportunity will make working with ImageCMS even easier and more convenient. This tool does not require special programming knowledge for successful work at all - everyone whose website or online store is on our system can evaluate its convenience.

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