payment service closes

    Last news. The service through which we planned to make payments - , suddenly died.

    Today we received the following letter:

    From: Kirill Ponirovsky
    Date: October 31, 2013, 14:23
    Topic: Closing the service

    Good afternoon, we hereby inform you of the closure of the service.
    The service will work for another week. Regardless of the closure of the service, all obligations to pay you the money accepted through us will be fulfilled by the final processing to which you are connected (you have an agreement with him).
    To continue work and for support questions, you need to contact the manager at Platron (our partner through whom we made connections).
    Contact menedera: +7 495 983 3279
    Thank you for being with us all this time.

    Of course, no one reports on the reasons for the closure. They did not find open information about this either. So, we decided to let you know if someone is thinking of connecting.

    Now we will look for a new partner. If you have any suggestions, we will gladly read it in the comments. We need a service that can accept payments from customers' bank cards, and after a while (after the consultation) transfer this money to other bank cards to consultants.

    UPD Perhaps the reason for this is Platron, sort of like their partner.
    Technical support said that “the people to whom the customer service was handed over neglected him. All projects working with us will be transferred to a direct service to partners. ”

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