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    Hello, dear Habrausers. Welcome to our HackStore team on our corporate blog. There was already a post on Habré about our application store, so I would like to welcome you and tell us what has changed since that publication.

    Perhaps the most important thing that has appeared in our country is people. Over the past few months, several wonderful people have joined us, each of whom has found something that can be useful for our project and fits perfectly into our team. Firstly, this is our designer. At this moment in time, we are working on a new version of our store, and design is what we worked on for a very long time and to which we attached great importance. After all, the application must combine convenience and beauty, and I really want to hope that we were able to achieve this. I don’t know how to beautifully describe what you need to watch, and the saying was ...

    Secondly, our team has replenished with developers who are currently engaged in the implementation of a new application interface. Thirdly, wonderful editors work with us who look for interesting acquaintances for us to help develop HackStore.

    But despite this, we continue to seek help in the work on the project, we still need developers who can help improve what is not yet improved and speed up the development process as a whole, we need specialists who would engage in attracting potential partners and further promotion our application on a global scale.

    Probably, like in any other, young team, it’s interesting and fun to work with us, even though almost all of us live in completely different cities and even in three different countries. But even the territorial distribution practically does not interfere with our joint work. Although many of us do not have much experience, but thanks to this project, we learn from our mistakes, look at competitors and learn from their mistakes, make pleasant acquaintances with various software developers, with whom we try to establish mutually beneficial relationships. We do not currently conduct any advertising campaigns and do not promote our application, since all our efforts have been devoted to developing a new version, but we would not like for someone to think that the project is dead, no, we are full of energy, ideas and we embody them, and also very much hope that

    I would like to separately contact the developers of software for Mac OS, who are also present on Habré - we are open for cooperation and just for communication, we are interested in your opinion about our project, we want everyone who did not get into the official MAS to be deprived of a “single, convenient point” of contact with the end user. If you want to cooperate with us, we will be happy to tell you about our ideas and methods for delivering software to consumers, and I hope you do not want to say goodbye to us.

    We welcome your comments, suggestions and advice, write - we always answer!

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