Komi Internet community is invited to develop mechanisms of self-regulation

    The Komi Internet community is invited to develop self-regulatory mechanisms. Proposals on this topic are being collected on the forum of the portal KomiOnline.Ru (http://komionline.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=710) and will become the basis for discussion at the round table in the second half of May.

    The discussion was initiated by the KomiOnline agency. “Standards of behavior on the Internet are not regulated by law, many issues of an ethical, moral nature remain unresolved. Users can offer game rules and accept them as a guide to action, ”said Zahar Volokitin, director of the agency. The tendency to self-regulation has recently become apparent both on an international and Russian scale.

    The Komi Internet community can become a pioneer in adopting a network culture, Z. Volokitin said. It is planned to attract leading market players, active members of the Internet community from Syktyvkar, Ukhta, Usinsk, authorities, law enforcement agencies to participate in a round table on this issue.

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