And again Vertica on HighLoad ++

    Like last year , he spoke at HighLoad ++ . This time, my report was in the "Databases" section, I talked about which storage systems to use rationally for the tasks of multidimensional analysis of big data. There are no slides on the organizers website as soon as they appear - I will add a link. In short, the presentation was structured like this:
    • The statement of the problem, that is, what is multidimensional analysis of big data
    • Functional requirements that follow from the statement of the problem
    • Technical difficulties
    • How can they be solved, with what architectural solutions and systems

    Vertica was presented as one of the options, but I talked about it in more detail about everything, showing how and due to which architectural solutions it fits well with analytical tasks and overtakes all competitors. In my opinion, the technical solutions of Vertica are some standard that you can strive for. Other options considered were: everyone's favorite MySQL with TokuDB + sharding, ParAccel (aka Amazon Redshift) and Hadoop Stinger, which we have not tried yet, but what they have already done or are going to look very promising. Well and a number of others I just mentioned and cited the results of our comparative test of several different systems this year. Yes, this year we decided to look around if something better or at least comparable to Vertika in performance has appeared, but cheaper (in terms of license + hardware + administration and development cost). Not found yet. The results of these studies are partially included in the report.

    It seems to me, judging by the reaction of the audience, the performance was a success. Compared to the previous year, there were much more interesting questions from the audience, and there were good questions about the content of the report and quite practical questions from those who also use Vertika or think seriously about it. I tried to answer everything, since my report was the last, no one backed up and it was possible to calmly talk. If anyone has questions or has new ones, ask.

    For those who don’t really know what kind of beast this is - Vertika - there are two rather detailed articles on Habré:
    1. My last year’s article:
    2. And this year’s detailed article by the architect from Yota:

    PS We have been successfully using Vertika in our company for more than three years.

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