ZTE introduced its modular smartphone ECO-MOBIUS

    At the Chinese international exhibition, which was held September 24-28, 2013, ZTE, known not only in China but also in the world, presented its version of a modular smartphone called ECO-MOBIUS, which the user can freely assemble or update.

    Photos from the exhibition:

    This year, the concept of the phone received an authoritative award in the field of design Red Dot Award .
    The smartphone consists of 4 modules: processor, display, battery and camera. The main module, which consists of a screen, is inserted CPU, GPU, RAM, camera, memory card and battery.

    All components are mounted in grooves using a magnet. The whole thing is covered.

    The name of the smartphone emphasizes the idea of ​​reducing the environmental burden of waste and pollution. Apparently this should be achieved by replacing only individual components (which are out of order or require modernization), and not the entire apparatus.

    Clearly, this is only a concept. But who knows, maybe before our eyes we are creating not only a new type of electronic device, but also a whole consumer electronics market ...

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