IvBit Conference Report

    We present to your attention a small report on the IvBit conference.
    On October 19, 2013, the IvBit 2013 conference was held at the Institute of Textile and Technology at the IHSPU in the framework of the 3rd All-Russian Science Festival.
    Despite the fact that Ivanovo is located quite close to Moscow, it’s very poorly represented community. Conferences, hackathons and other modest entertainments of IT-specialists are almost inaccessible to us. Conferences at universities? Unfortunately, very few people come to them, except for the students themselves and their teachers. Therefore, it was decided to organize and hold a conference devoted exclusively to IT-topics. To attract attention, I will leave here the slides of the presentation of the first report:

    Vashkevich V.V. Russia, Ivanovo, Alternative-Soft, Software Engineer
    “Platypus Platform: A New JavaScript Client-Server Application Development Tool”

    Anyone interested in what happened next, please, under cat.

    About the conference

    Now a few words about the event itself. The conference was held within the walls of the Textile Institute of the IHSPU. The reason for this was the ability to use kindly provided resources. The main objective was to attract as participants not only students or employees of universities, but also specialists from IT companies who could share their experience. One of the main problems of the conference was the timing. Despite the small number of participants, IvBit was held in a warm, almost homely atmosphere.

    PS We thank everyone who took part in the organization and work of the conference itself.
    PPS We had cookies :)


    Presentations and reports presented at the conference are presented to your attention.
    The already mentioned Vashkevich V.V. from Alternative-Soft introduced Platypus Platform .
    Vashkevich V.V. Russia, Ivanovo, Alternative-Soft, Software Engineer
    "Platypus Platform: a new tool for developing client-server applications in JavaScript"

    Bazhenov S.M. Russia, Ivanovo, IVGPU, Postgraduate student
    "Node JS"

    Kornilov M.A. Russia, Ivanovo, Akvelon / IvGPU, Lead developer / Post-graduate student
    "Using .Net Framework for writing cross-platform scientific programs"

    Lapshin A.N. Russia, Ivanovo, Red Luck Games, Team Lead
    “Meet Erlang”

    Lipnin M.A. Russia, Ivanovo, Alternative-Software, Leading Software Engineer
    Emacs. Find out in 60 seconds »

    Kashintsev A.A. Russia, Ivanovo, Alternative Soft / IGEU, IT Director
    "Development Fundamentals on the Platypus Platform"

    Konstantinov E.S. Russia, Ivanovo, IVGPU, associate professor
    "Development of microcontroller control systems"

    "Using the Python Language for Scientific Research"

    “VIM Editor Basics”

    Thank you for attention!

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