Innopolis University accepts applications for the MSIT-SE 2014/15 Master's Program

    Purpose of the contest and general information

    The purpose of the contest is to select talented specialists - future employees and teachers of Innopolis University, who will become the intellectual basis for the formation of a world-class educational system.

    In order to improve the professional level, as well as the competitiveness of Russian IT specialists, it is planned to train the winners of the competition under the program “Master in Information Technology - Management of Software Development” / “Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Engineering, MSIT-SE” in 2014 / 2015 academic year at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) , which in 2012 took third place in the rating of The Guardian Top 50 Universities for Computer Science .

    Subject to the successful completion of the one-year educational course, participants in the program will receive a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and will begin teaching and research activities at Innopolis University.

    Successful candidates (up to 15 people) Innopolis University can provide grants covering the cost of training.

    Selection criteria

    Candidates for participation in the master's program must meet the following requirements:
    • At least one year of work experience in the industry (software development or similar activities) or at least experience in internships in one or two companies with a total duration of at least six months;
    • fluency in English, confirmed by the TOEFL / IELTS certificate;
    • a high level of basic training (knowledge of discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures; knowledge of programming methods and languages), confirmed by an education document and diplomas of achievement;
    • basic programming skills, as well as the use of an imperative block-structured or object-oriented language: Java, C ++, Ada, C, Flash, etc .;
    • practical knowledge of programming methods and organization of computer systems;
    • deep knowledge of at least two disciplines of the following:
    • compilation techniques
    • comparative analysis of programming languages
    • operating systems
    • database systems;
    • desire and ability to work in a team, willingness to accept constructive criticism, effective intercultural communication;
    • It also requires a work permit in the Russian Federation, valid for three years.

    Attention! Applications are accepted until December 15, 2013 inclusive.

    For information on the conditions of participation, stages of the selection process and the full package of documents, see here . We are waiting for you!

    Innopolis University will conclude an employment contract with the finalists for three years, this period includes training under the master's program for one year.

    Upon completion of the one-year master's course, graduates of the program in accordance with the employment contract will begin pedagogical and research activities at Innopolis University, including in partnership with leading world IT companies.

    If there is a mutual desire, it is possible to extend the employment contract at a partial or full rate (approximately 160 thousand rubles a month, which corresponds to the level of salaries of leading employees of large IT companies in Moscow).

    FYI: Results of the Past Competition

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