Top Ten Console Teams

    imageIn this post I will talk about the most interesting commands that can be very useful when working in the console. There are no unambiguous criteria for determining which team is better than the other - each one chooses the best for his conditions. I decided to build a list of teams based on the top rated console tricks from, a pantry of console teams. The result of executing one of these commands under Linux is shown in the picture. If interested, please, under cat.

    Tenth place

    Enter the last argument of recent commands. While holding ALT or ESC, with each click on a point, the parameters of previous commands, from recently entered to old ones, will be substituted into the input line.
    Комбинация 'ALT+.' или ' .'

    Ninth place

    Reinitialization of the terminal without ending the current session. For example, in the case when binary data were output to the terminal and it stopped working correctly.

    Eighth place

    Creates an empty file. Destroys the contents of a file without deleting it.
    > file.txt

    Seventh place

    Running a command with a space in front of it does not save it in history. It may come in handy when transferring passwords to open programs.

    Sixth place

    Starting the editor to enter a complex command or script, the choice of the editor is determined by the variable $ EDITOR
    Комбинация 'CTRL+X E'

    Fifth place

    The My Traceroute utility is more efficient than the combination of traceroute and ping. The mtr utility combines the functionality of traceroute and ping, allowing you to conduct network diagnostics in a more visual way.

    Fourth place

    Running the previous command with replacing the substring in it, for example, from foo to bar. Useful for typos. If you enter just ^ foo, then in the previous command the first occurrence of foo will be deleted.

    Third place

    Return to the previous working directory. It may come in handy for switching back and forth between two directories.
    cd -

    Second place

    Starting the HTTP server in the current directory on port 8000. If there is no index.html file in the directory, then its listing will be shown.
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer

    First place

    Run the last command as root.
    Useful when you forget to use sudo for a command. "!!" - substitutes the last entered command.
    sudo !!

    I hope everyone will find something new and interesting for themselves in this rating.

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