Project Anarchy Mobile Game Dev Challenge Contest

    Intel has opened applications for the Project Anarchy Mobile Game Dev Challenge , a mobile gaming competition with a top prize of $ 100,000. For the second place they will give $ 25,000, and for the third - $ 15,000.

    The competition will last until May 31, 2014, and the winners will be announced in June, but those who are in time before February will be able to receive feedback from the Havok support team. In addition, developers will be able to get marketing and PR support, which, for example, is expressed in the presentation of games at the Havok booth at GDC 2014.

    “Project Anarchy was created in order to make the development of high-quality mobile games simple and affordable,” says the head of relations with Havok developers Ross O'Dwyer.

    In accordance with the rules of the competition, Russians can participate as teams or individual developers, companies are not allowed.

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