IaaS in eCommerce and finance: who and why switched to virtual infrastructure

    The last time we talked about the case with retailers and industrial organizations. Today we are talking about business from the sphere of finance and e-commerce.

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    Carsharing service operator BelkaCar

    In Uber, they began to build a business on their hardware, but later moved to the cloud . Another startup, Lyft, used the cloud from the start. Our example is BelkaCar. The task that this startup solved by switching to IaaS was to prepare the IT infrastructure for rapid scaling. This step was necessary for working with growing (and difficult to predict) loads, managing telematic systems and other services.

    Electronic Marketplace RailCommerce

    With the RailCommerce site that promotes freight services, cloud infrastructure helps to dynamically expand the nodes of the system: be it a front-end or storage system. Having transferred part of the tasks to the cloud provider, the project also resolved a number of legislative issues related to the processing of user APs . RailCommerce operates on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, and therefore must comply with the requirements for processing PD in both states. We just place our equipment in data centers located in these countries.

    S7 Airlines

    A few years ago we started working with S7 t-Retail. She is responsible for all IT operations of S7 Airlines, including servicing the online ticketing system. The market for booking hotels and air tickets is very competitive. If there is a hitch in the service, the client is more likely to leave. Therefore, the airline has always strived for a high level of accessibility and was preparing for “hot periods”. Now the infrastructure can be scaled to peak user activity in automatic mode.

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    Service booking hotels Hotels.ru

    From the very beginning, the developers of the Hotels.ru project have set themselves the task of combining all the available hotel booking options on the platform. But processing such amounts of data requires a large amount of computing resources. The base of the company's hotels expands by 50% every year - IaaS helps them cope with the growth.

    As part of this project, we monitored the reliability of the IT landscape in accordance with our SLA. For example, with our help, the service managed to repel a DDoS attack. Cloud monitoring systems have helped. The warning came in the first ten minutes of the attack, which made it possible to quickly respond to the threat.

    PickPoint Post Network

    For delivery companies, the main goal is similar to the one pursued by transport services - infrastructure scaling. The idea of ​​postamats in our market was rather new, therefore at the start in PickPoint they could not accurately predict how the load would grow. Therefore, for the organization of services, the company used leased hardware.

    However, at first, the startup actually “ran into the ceiling” of its capabilities. As a result, the company decided to migrate the infrastructure to the cloud. Now all the processing is done there. On the application server, the processing of requests, verification of orders and payment, is given a "good" for issuing a parcel. The infrastructure of the company serves several thousand postamats.

    Food Delivery Service Club

    Today's Delivery Club is one of the leaders in the Russian food delivery market. The project is constantly faced with increasing load due to the introduction of new services and expanding the network of partners. Therefore, the delivery service uses the capabilities of the virtual infrastructure.

    Delivery Club worked with IT-GRAD until it became part of the Mail.Ru holding. But even after that, the company's infrastructure remained cloudy - they migrated all services to another site using VMware tools .

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    RFI Bank

    Companies from the financial sector in IaaS are attracted by the flexibility and affordable tools that simplify work with documents and various certificates. Here the bank had to close the issue of certification of processing according to the international standard PCI DSS. This is the standard for companies working with payment card data. Pass this certification require Visa and MasterCard. At RFI Bank, we used our PCI DSS hosting service . We, as a provider, have taken responsibility for complying with a number of certification requirements.

    The platform of robo-advisor "Financial autopilot"

    The development of FinEx Plus is a real FINTECH product. The robotic service provides clients with advice on the formation of an investment portfolio, taking into account such factors as the investment period, the acceptable risk level, and the client's experience.

    One of the main tasks that the project solved with the transition to the IaaS cloud was to increase the level of accessibility and compliance with the Law on Personal Data FZ-152. Today, data storage and processing, settlement services and other functionality of the FinEx Plus system are fully transferred to the virtual infrastructure.

    Virtual infrastructure helps companies from various spheres to cope with business growth: to increase computing power without serious consequences, to save on hardware and to comply with the requirements of the law. In the following materials we will give more examples and describe how IaaS helps in IT development.

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