IBM patents drones that recognize emotions and carry coffee to people. And what else to write on Friday?

    In early August, IBM patented a flying coffee spreader . As planned, they will not just deliver orders, but fly over the crowd and react to the wave of their arms — that is, he saw a drone, waved to him and caught his coffee. If no one ordered or waved his hand, the drone will find out who in the crowd wants coffee, but is not recognized.

    “The patent describes a system or method of using drones to deliver drinks to people, and in particular, to read a person’s predisposed cognitive state and recognize candidates for delivering,” the IBM text reads.

    The drone will have sensors for recognizing faces and choose from the crowd the most sleepy.

    Or it is more cunning to analyze the company of people, to single out the most popular and influential from it, and to offer coffee first of all to him, so that the rest follow the example.

    Well, or even more cunning. The patent text contains a whole set of data, according to which the drone will understand that a person wants coffee right now.
    The assessment can be based on the following data: sleep quality, electronic calendar (time of day, schedule of meetings, the nature of these meetings, the composition of the groups and the nature of the interaction of group members, the complexity of the discussion topic, workload), biometrics, blood pressure, pupil expansion, facial expression, time awakening, gesture analysis, and other signs that can be used when deciding to deliver coffee to a person.

    Of course, all this causes many concerns and questions. The most important of them - but will not the coffee fall while the drone carries it over the crowd? How to keep it hot?

    IBM thought over everything, described special tanks, stabilization system and fasteners, built-in heater.

    In one of the ways, the coffee will be fixed on the mechanism by a thread. As soon as the chosen consumer pulls the cup, the drone will cut the thread with a special blade. Or melt the thread if it is plastic.

    IBM also understands that drones flying over a crowd can be a little dangerous. Therefore, it proposes not to use very large machines - no more than is necessary for the delivery of coffee.

    "To reduce potential damage from a fall or other breakdown," the text says.

    It seems that the idea is far more far-reaching and visionary than it seems at first glance. If a business wants to know everything about us - how much we sleep, how our legs stand up and what kind of coffee we like - why should we advertise this coffee ? Let him bring it right away.

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