Or maybe separate "Favorites" and "Read later"?

    Inspired by this comment .

    The fact is that in most cases, users add articles to their favorites not because they really liked the article and want to save it - but only so as not to lose it and read it later. Stop enduring a bunch of garbage in your favorites!

    In the current implementation, I see two problems:

    1. The word “Favorites” itself says that the article is worth reading later again. Sometimes it would be nice to go through the list of articles you liked and re-read them - but now it’s not possible, because they are mixed in a heap called “postpone-for-later”.

    2. The counter for adding to favorites is currently useless. If the user liked the article, and he saved it as a favorite, this is an indicator of its quality and information value (again, back to the post mentioned at the beginning). Most likely, such an article will not lose its relevance in the next couple of weeks, as is the case with the news, and this will distinguish the Favorite counter from the simple number of pluses in the publication rating, which may become unnecessary in the near future.

    I propose to leave the Favorites button in the same form that it is now, but add a new one - Read Later, similar to Watch Later on YouTube. By the way, the latter also has a limit of 200 clips, so that the user does not forget to view the earliest ones and delete them as necessary.

    Update: TorchTTIt also offers the opportunity to create folders in the Favorites:
    “The reason - at the moment when adding an article to your favorites, it is displayed in the general list and, for example, if you need to view articles of a certain subject that relate to several different and often disjoint hubs at once, you have to the entire list of articles, which can be extremely many. If it is possible to create folders, it will be possible to add selected articles to folders, for example, “Algorithms”, “Image Processing”, “Code Optimization”, etc.

    For this reason, I do not use favorites, but create folders for the corresponding bookmarks in the browser. ”

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    How do you like the idea?

    • 92.6% Excellent, it's high time! 1608
    • 5.9% Better to leave as is 104
    • 1.3% It would be nice, but there are additions that I will discuss in the comments 23

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