Federal Law No. 243, or Silent Pension Reform

    happy old age

    It all started with the fact that I received a letter from a friend. I doubted and went to check. It seemed painfully implausible what was written in it.

    However, the fact remains: “... from January 1, 2014 the so-called insurance maneuver - reduced from 6 to 2% of deductions for the formation of the funded part of the pension. Released 4% will go to finance the insurance part. ”

    UPDATE! It is very likely that soon the reduction will not be up to two percent, but to zero - see update number 3 at the end of the post.

    Well, who was asking there, from which our attention was diverted ?! There was a bitter smiley with a crooked grin.

    Who cares / cares, welcome to cat!

    So, pruflinki. Yes, there is such a law, just quiet, quiet. Right mouse under the broom.

    To understand what we are talking about, we’ll clarify the terminology. What do pension savings consist of and how are they used?

    We’ll go to the official website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (I quote from the page for Future Retirees ):
    1. Insurance part . “The funds of the insurance part of your future pension are recorded on your personal account and annually indexed by the state ... Physically, this money is used to pay pensions to current pensioners .”
    2. Cumulative part . “The funds of the funded part of your future pension are taken into account by the FIU in the special part of your individual personal account. According to your decision, they are transferred to one of the management companies or to a non-state pension fund for investment. ”

    Everything seems to be clear with the insurance part. Allied money has not been left for a long time, we are supporting the current pensioners.

    The cumulative part raises a lot more questions. How will it be used when paying pensions to us, what can be done with it after reaching retirement age? Digging further: On pension savings . You can also download the text of Law No. 360-ФЗ On the Procedure for Financing Payments from Pension Savings .

    I will not overload the post with quotes, I will only take the starting point.
    Article 2. Types of payments made at the expense of pension savings funds

    At the expense of pension savings formed in favor of the insured person, the following types of payments are made:
    1) lump-sum payment of pension savings funds (hereinafter - lump-sum payment);
    2) urgent pension payment;
    3) the funded part of the retirement pension;
    4) payment of pension savings funds to the successors of the deceased insured person.

    Article 3. Realization of the right of the insured person to payments at the expense of pension savings
    3. The amount of payments referred to in paragraphs 1 - 3 of Article 2 of this Federal Law shall be determined on the basis of the amount of pension savings accounted in the special part of the individual personal account or on the pension account of the funded part of the labor pension of the insured person on the day from which the corresponding type payouts.

    • several pension payment schemes are provided
    • they all depend on the funded part
    • possible inheritance of pension savings

    The first and last points were a complete revelation to me. The question will have to be studied in more detail, despite the fact that our laws are not written for people.

    Again. The amount of pension payments depends on the funded part of the pension and it can be inherited. In a rough approximation, this part can be considered as a bank deposit (with certain conditions for receiving money).

    What does federal law No. 243 bear to us in this context? Nothing special, we just gathered on the sly to take away two-thirds of this contribution. In old age, we will be more dependent on the grace of the state of the insurance part of the pension and we will be able to leave less for relatives. Even though many people don’t believe in the pension system now, we are talking about specific money and are taking this money from us right now.

    There are a lot of those who have never heard of these reforms, whose money will now go to the benefit of the FIU. Here they counted 162 billion rubles a year. It seems to me that the amount is too large to cover the deficit in the pension budget. But this issue will be more likely to be interesting to RosPil and others like him.

    The purpose of this post is a collective search for the most beneficial solution for each of us. The Guarantor Survey offers two options: transfer funds to non-state pension funds or choose a management company. It would seem that we are given only two alternatives, either to dump from the FIU or to agree to reduce the funded part.

    However, in the very letter that gave impetus to this post, there were such lines
    So, before the end of the year (until 12/31/13) you need to go to the regional PFR with a passport and a pension certificate and write a statement to keep the interest the same. <...> If you are told that the application form has not been developed, demand to accept your application in the form in which you write it, they are obliged to accept it. The approximate text may be as follows: “From 01/01/2014 I ask you to leave the amount of deductions for the funded part of the retirement pension in the amount of 6%.”

    Interestingly, the press release of the pension fund seems to confirm this option
    If the “silent people” want to keep the funded tariff at a rate of 6%, during 2013 they need to write a corresponding application to the PFR on the redistribution or on the transfer of pension savings to NPFs or UK.

    Let's think hawkers. Let's think!

    UPD Continuing the theme, a post from Damaks : Choosing a Non-State Pension Fund - Theory and Comparison .
    Here is another review for management companies ...

    UPD2 Useful link on the PFR website: options for action and sample statements

    UPD3 The Cabinet of Ministers decided to reset the funded part of the pension for “silent people”

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