AdBlock raises money for AdBlock ads

    AdBlock, which is developing the eponymous ad blocker for the Chrome browser, has begun raising funds for its own ads.

    “We use advertising to get rid of advertising.” 70% of Internet users still see banners - you need to help these people, explained on the page for crowdfunding. Everyone has the right to a clean web.

    For the first one and a half days, $ 11,069 has already been raised. If for the remaining 28 days it is possible to raise $ 25,000, then the Internet campaign will begin under the motto: “This is the last advertisement that you see in life. Install AdBlock. "

    AdBlock (not to be confused with AdBlock Plus) is the most popular extension for the Chrome browser, it is installed on computers by more than 80 million people. However, this is not enough. Program author Michael Gundlach believes that 100% of users should have an ad blocker. To do this, ensure maximum audience reach.

    If $ 50,000 is raised, AdBlock will buy an advertising billboard in Times Square in New York.

    If you manage to raise $ 150,000, then this is enough for a full-page ad in the New York Times. Finally, if they raise $ 4.2 million, then you can show the commercial during the Super Bowl, which is traditionally the most expensive advertisement.

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