HPE webinars in August-October: new topics (+ storage, AI practice, turnkey petabyte storage)

    A new HPE webinar series arrived, with many interesting topics: arm processors in high-performance computing, acceleration of computing with Intel Optane, building Wi-Fi in extreme conditions, HPE Lanamark utility for reviewing the state of IT infrastructure, various services for the data center. See the full list and register:

    Computational solutions, storage and AI

    Arm processor in HPC. Dismantling HPE Apollo 70 - August 29
    HPE Apollo 70 is the first corporate HPC platform based on the arm processors from HPE. What for? What's inside? What is outside? What is around? We understand the points.

    Turnkey petabytoyaschina. Inexpensive. Webinar September 6
    British scientists found that not all data is stored on a block storage system. What do they mean? At the webinar, let's talk about creating a distributed, software-defined storage system with great scalability.

    AI at work: the practice of using artificial intelligence systems to solve various problems. Webinar September 20
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has outgrown the status of a promising technology. But how is it used outside the laboratories? Check out real-world examples of using AI in the infrastructure of smart cities, in industry and so on.

    Optane number: we increase the power of your data center with Intel technologies - October 3
    Intel Optane is the newest family of solid-state drives from Intel, which opens a new round of computer memory development. In this webinar, we will look at the main areas of application and benefits of this technology, which in some cases can speed up the work of applications tenfold.

    National features backup from flash arrays - webinar October 19
    At this webinar we will talk about the development of HPE StoreOnce backup disk libraries.

    HPE MSA: Sew or not sew, that is the question. Webinar October 24th.
    An overview of the HPE MSA storage system portfolio and the features of the new microcode version.

    Network infrastructure

    How far does this point beat, or why isn't all Wi-Fi equally useful? - webinar recording
    Everything you wanted to know about Aruba, but hesitate to ask!
    At the webinar, we offer a look at the modern capabilities of wireless networks, an approach to their choice and see what makes Aruba solutions stand out, and how they can be used to build high-speed and high-density networks now.

    Outdoor Wi-Fi: HPE Aruba Extreme Conditions Survival Guide - August 22
    Answer the questions: which HPE Aruba products to use for organizing a Wi-Fi network outdoors, how to configure APs without getting them out of the boxes, how “far TD beats” , Which APs and antennas to use for building a Wi-Fi bridge and client access, and much more.

    New Aruba portfolio for wired networks and recommendations for LAN design - October 10
    In this webinar we will talk about the unique features of the new Aruba switches and their operating system, as well as consider possible alternatives to stacking.

    IT infrastructure management

    HPE OneView 4.1 - Data Center Infrastructure Management - September 12
    We’ll tell you about the new data center infrastructure management software: HPE OneView, Synergy Composer and Global Dashboard.

    Find out what your IT infrastructure is hiding with HPE Lanamark - September 26
    If you manage a complex IT infrastructure and decide to upgrade it, the very task of setting a technical task can become difficult. How to understand how much processor resources, memory, storage capacity and performance you need? Recently, HPE Lanamark utility has become available to HPE partners and customers, which in a few simple steps allows you to compile a detailed report on the state and needs of the infrastructure, which can then be used to select a new solution.

    In this webinar, we will demonstrate the performance of HPE Lanamark and select HPE SimpliVity and HPE Nimble configurations based on its configuration report.

    Technological services and education

    Securing Business Continuity with HPE Packaged Services - September 5th
    At the webinar, we’ll review formed HPE Packaged Services advanced support packages that meet specific business needs and can be selected for systems of any severity level.

    Time to learn! HPE Education Center Webinar - September 19
    In the new academic year - with updated courses, programs, formats and approaches to learning. The team of the Educational Center will present a modern view on the training of technical specialists, as well as special offers.

    Comprehensive data center support - October 17
    The flagship product in the HPE portfolio, which is the most comprehensive and flexible level of support, consisting of various modules that are expanded and complemented based on the desires and needs of the customer.

    Popular and most needed HPE Pointnext services - October 31
    HPE Pointnext services for commissioning, improving reliability and performance, and managing IT infrastructure. Let's tell about the most popular and demanded services.

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