Wine adds native support for Direct3D 9

    Once upon a time, back in 2010, one person made support for Direct3D 10/11 State Tracker in Wine, but it was bad enough, it was abandoned and was not included in the main branch. And yesterday, Christoph Bumiller made support for Direct3D 9 State Tracker and wrote about it on the Wine mailing list, the code passes all wined3d9 tests.
    The reasons that prompted him to do this are as follows:
    • Gallium was not ready for D3D11, and still not ready, but ready for D3D9
    • The author does not see motivating applications using Direct3D 10/11
    • The author’s work is written in C instead of C ++, and does not use template hacks to force gcc to generate COM-compatible vtables

    Most importantly, Direct3D 9 State Tracker is working now.
    The author chased Skyrim, Civilization 5, Anno 1404 and StarCraft 2 and noted an increase in FPS up to 2 times, but there are no benchmarks yet.

    This only works with the Gallium3D drivers nouveau (nvc0, NVIDIA), r600g (AMD), swrast, and possibly i915g.

    You can try to collect it at home. - Patched Gallium - Patched Wine

    Source OpenNet

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