Apple claims that the company's headquarters complex costs only $ 200.

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Apple claims that the complex of buildings of the company's headquarters costs only $ 200, this fact allows to significantly reduce tax payments for this property.


Apple aggressively appeals the data of state tax experts, who determine the value of property for tax payment, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

The company filed 489 appeals to the tax authorities only in Santa Clara County, including one of the appeals alleging that the Apple Park real estate cluster costs only $ 200.

Apple disputes the calculation of $ 8.5 billion worth of property for taxes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously stated that the company pays all its tax burden properly. “In every country where we work, Apple follows the law, and we pay all the taxes we owe,” Cook said in an open letter in 2016.

Concern about Apple’s deliberate efforts to reduce tax payments is not new.

The company, which reached a historic estimate of $ 1 trillion this month, was previously fined for a tax treaty in Ireland in 2016, which, according to the EU, was illegal state aid.

In fact, Apple should be the largest taxpayer in Santa Clara County, where the company's headquarters in Cupertino is based.

Earlier in 2015, Apple also announced that the Apple Park real estate cluster is estimated at $ 200, not $ 1 billion, as Santa Clara County tax expert estimated these properties. In another case, Apple claimed that property, estimated by local officials at $ 384 million, also costs $ 200.

At the moment, Apple declined to comment.

Many IT companies spend millions of dollars on lawyers to appeal tax decisions and reduce tax payments.

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